Ben was a millionaire before the age of 30. He had a good job with a multi-national company as an executive. He met his former wife Nkechi while she was 25 years old. They met one wet Wednesday morning while he was on his way to work and she was on her way to the university of lagos. She had just gained admission into university. As he drove by, he didn’t take notice of the puddle of rain water in front of him and he ran into it. Water splashed unto Nkechi and wet her clothes. She was about raining curses on the driver of the car before Ben stopped and apologised for the harm he had caused her. He offered to get her some new clothes and he took her to the closest boutique on the street which was open by then. He bought several clothes for her, took her to his place so she could get cleaned up and change. He got her a taxi cab to drop her off at school. They exchanged numbers. Thus began a whirlwind relationship that would end in marriage. Ben was like a God sent angel to Nkechi’s family. He met her families needs. He was such a generous in-law.

After his wife graduated from university and did her youth service, Ben set up a logistics business for his wife. With his contacts he helped her in getting clients who did good business with the young company.

Unfortunately, the multi-national company Ben worked with started experiencing financial problems in the international market. They had to retrench some staff. Ben was among those who got retrenched. Ben tried leaning back on the business his wife Nkechi was operating. His wife refused vehemently.

Meanwhile, his wife’s junior sister, Chioma, had been living with them all these years. She was a young naive graduate, who reluctantly ran errands in the house. When Ben and Nkechi were constantly fighting over the business, Chioma sided her brother in law and tried pleading with her elder sister to see reason with her husband. But Nkechi would have none of that and threatened to send Chioma back to their parents house. Ben’s in laws tried to persuade their daughter too, but she would have none of it. Unknowingly, Nkechi was having an affair with her manager. One unfortunate day, she took her belongings and three kids she had with Ben, and walked out of the marriage.

Ben had returned to meet an empty house and his sister in law who tried explaining the unfortunate event to him. It was a  heart breaking experience for Ben. Chioma did all she could to console him but Ben was inconsolable. Days passed into weeks, weeks into months. Chioma tried to leave the house so as not to be a burden to Ben but he insisted that she stayed. Her family encouraged her to stay. That naive and reluctant sister in law took care of Ben and the house. She cooked, cleaned and washed. As God would have it she got a very good job and good payment with it. Even when Ben went bankrupt, she still helped out in taking care of their needs. She even gave him pocket money so that he could take care of his needs.

Ben was lucky to get a new job with better entitlements from his last job. And to show his gratitude, he took Chioma out on an expensive and exclusive date to show his gratitude for all she did for him. One thing led to another and he kissed her. They drove back home late in the night and as Chioma made for her room, he grabbed her arm and looked deeply into her eyes. Her eyes were pleading with Ben not to but he just couldn’t resist her. He took her into his arms and with their bodies clinging into each other, they kissed in a deep wet kiss. He carried her on his arms while her hands and head rested on his chests and neck respectively into his room and he made love to her until the wee hours of the morning.

Ben has proposed to Chioma. His estranged wife Nkechi wants to come back. He didn’t divorce Nkechi. Ben is still hell bent on marrying Chioma who is already pregnant for him. His in laws support him. Nkechi is using Ben’s family to win her husband back but most of them support Ben.

Now the big question, if you were in Ben’s shoes, what would you do? Stay with your sister in law who stood by your side when you had no one or go back to your wife who abandoned you when you needed her the most?



Guys if you really want to capture lady’s heart and you are finding it difficult to do so, you need to learn what a woman needs from her man. Women need only four types of men in their lives. Yeah I said 4. The need a man who can be their father, servant, gossip partner and sex machine all at once. If you are a man and you want to keep that girl or improve your relationship with your wife, you better start learning how to be all the four men I just listed.


father and duaghter

father and duaghter

Ever noticed how girls are closely attached to their fathers? Most girls have a strong relationship with their fathers more than their mothers. I don’t know why but I know so. I am not saying that they do not have any relationship with their mothers. They do in fact have strong relationships with their mothers but it is stronger with their fathers. A father protects his family and more so, the females in his household. Boys are always taught to be strong and be protective of their kind. All fathers will protect their daughters and get them any thing they ask for as long as they can afford it. They treat their girls as princesses. So a woman is looking for a man who can be her lover and father at once. Someone who can provide for her and protect her. So if you are a man and you have not been able to do this, it’s important you learn how to do so. She will love you indefinitely.


man doing the dishes

man doing the dishes

Some man do not like helping out in taking care of the house. They leave everything for the woman to do. The woman will clean the house, wash the dishes and do the laundry. She will also go shopping while her man will just sit down and watch her serve him. She will cook for him and serve him his meal. The days we did that has passed. If you are a man, you need to assist your wife in house chores. There are days she might come back into the house tired and weak and you will still expect her to do the dishes, cook for you and wash your clothes. Mennnnnnn…………………………if you are doing this you need to stop it immediately. If you assist your wife in doing the chores, she will love you. If you get your kids to assist in doing the house chores rather than hiring a house help, your kids will grow up to be more responsible.


man chatting with woman

man chatting with woman

Ever noticed that women love talking about irrelevant things that don’t bother us. They talk about fashion, nollywood movies, men, their girlfriends, and anything under the sun. I can tell you the truth, I don’t know how to put up with that. But it is important you try your best to pay attention to her at all times even when you don’t want to because if you don’t, she will go out and look for her girlfriends to chat with or even meet another man who will pay attention to her and we all know what that could lead to.


mandigo (stud) man

mandigo (stud) man

Yes, she needs a man who can give it to her like its hot. A man who can tickle her fancy. A man who can stimulate her g-spot like no other man can. A man who can make her be eager for more sexual satisfaction. If you can’t do this you need to learn how to. I know several men who have lost their relationships because they could not satisfy their women sexually. Let me tell you the truth, this one hurts more, when a woman tells you, “you’re not man enough!” A woman is ready to be with you come rain, come shine, even if you are so poor, as long as you can do the do-do! So learn. Some girls like it hot and rough. Some girls like it soft and long and then hot. You need to be patient and learn how to satisfy your woman sexually. Don’t be a “wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am!” dude. Be a god damn mandingo (stud).


Cheta Okorafor.


A woman’s love is kind and compassionate, patient and nurturing, generous and sweet and unconditional. A woman would do anything for the man she loves no matter how bad the man treats her. Even when her friends tell her that her man is of no good, she will stand by her man. A woman’s love stands the test of time, logic and all circumstance. And you would want your man to love you the same way you do. Let me tell you the truth, that ain’t gonna happen! A man’s love is different. It is much simpler, direct and a little bit harder to come by.


Women want their men to call them every minute and give them an update on how much they love them every 30 minutes. A man will not sit down cuddling you every minute, spoil you and nurse you back to health (I still do that for my woman if she’s sick!). A man’s love is just different from the love that a woman can give and wants from her man.

If you can recognize how a man loves his woman, you might be able to find out that special man. How do you know when a man loves you? He would simply do these three things.


If your man loves you, he is willing to tell everybody he knows that you are his lady. A man who has placed you in the most special part of his heart, the man who truly has feelings for you, will let everybody he knows in his life how important you are to him.

If he introduces you as a friend or by your name and nothing else dear to him, you are just a friend. So if you have been dating a guy and you don’t know anything about him, his family and friends, his job or business or anything he does, or he doesn’t take you out on any function or date, the you are not in his plans. He doesn’t see you in his future plans. But the moment he does all these things, then you know he has you in his future plans and that you mean a lot to him.

coupl star gazing


When a man truly loves you, he will provide for your needs without any condition attached. These days, women have become independent but a man is trained to provide for those he loves all through his life. He a man fails to do this; he will see himself as not being man enough.  This is the reason why men who cannot efficiently provide for themselves avoid being in a relationship. Now I am talking about being financially able. Meanwhile, confident men go after women even when they are broke and tell lies about their situation. Some even borrow their friend’s clothes, houses and cars to impress these ladies. Ladies, you need to avoid these types of men, if you really want to settle down.

A man who really loves you will give money to make your hair, buy new clothes, buy you make up kits and all your toiletries with no qualms. He would even give you money when you’re not asking for it. Some men would want to give you money and things you ask for, so that you would offer them sex in return. If you are the demanding type, he might not take you serious. Some men don’t like giving women money because they are not confident that you would want to marry them. Some women would even dump their men after they must have bought them the world. What goes around comes around.

But this does not involve only money. A man even when he is broke, we go all out to make sure that you don’t lack or even experience any hardship by sacrificing his last time or valuable time to ensure that you are okay, if you know what I mean. If you really want a good man to spend the rest of his life, find that man who would do things for you unconditionally.

couple reading


When a man truly loves you, anybody who says, does, suggests, or even thinks about doing something offensive or insulting to you stands the risk of being wiped out from this world by your man. Your man will destroy anything and everything in his path to make sure that whoever disrespected you, pays for it. A man will provide protection and leadership for his family because he knows a real man is a protector. There is no real man living who will not protect what belongs to him. It’s all about respect. Protection is not about being violent or using physical force against someone. A man who truly cares about or loves you can and will protect you in other ways, whether it is by offering you advice or stepping up to perform a task that he thinks is too dangerous for you to do.


There you have it. If your man does not do these three listed things for you, know that he doesn’t love you. And it is important that you stop giving a man your own definition of love and recognize that men love differently. Again, if you have a man who does these things I listed above, for you, trust me, he really loves you.

Next I will be talking about the three things every man needs from his lady.