agricultural diversification.

agricultural diversification.

The Nigerian government is interested in diversifying the Nigerian economy from a mono-economy to a multi-economy. This will enable the country to stop being dependent on revenue gotten from the oil and gas industry. Unfortunately, before oil was discovered in the Niger Delta in 1958, Nigeria was an agricultural super power. We exported the largest amounts of cocoa in the south western part of the country, palm oil in the south eastern parts and groundnuts and cotton in the northern parts of Nigeria. We were the largest exporters of these listed commodities before the civil war, in Africa, but soon after the civil war ended, misguided leadership from successive military regimes and democratically elected administrations, have led us astray and depended on oil. These misguided leadership, have even assisted corrupt politicians, businessmen, civilians and the military, to steal everything we have and now they desire that we venture into other industries, especially agriculture they left to die.

a modern farm

a modern farm

These people do not know what industrial diversification means. Industrial diversification is a strategy that involves choosing to structure an industry in a manner that promotes involvement in a wide range of revenue producing activities. The goal of any type of industrial diversification is increase the chances of returns by diversifying or spreading assets over a wider range of activities, while also helping to minimize the potential for failure or loss.

As it relates to production operations, industrial diversification has to do with providing goods and services that appeal to multiple markets rather than focusing on a product line that appeals to mainly one market. For example, a company may operate plant facilities that produce clothing items at one location, while also manufacturing bedding and other types of household textiles at another. At times, the diversification may involve completely unrelated products, such as a company that produces a line of office supplies but also has a division focused on the production of televisions and other electrical entertainment devices. The degree of industrial diversification will often be influenced by what owners believe will provide the best possible protection from declines in one market by enjoying corresponding increases in demand in another market.

What this means is that in agriculture, we can diversify the industry, which would increase the returns after we must have spread assets over a wider range of activities. Take for example, palm oil is a major agricultural commodity in the south eastern part of Nigeria, cassava is also a major crop grown in this region. With diversification, agricultural practitioners can introduce new crops like tomatoes, potatoes, groundnuts, beans and the rest of them to the south east and which would improve the economic returns from different value-added crops and marketing opportunities. With the threat of marauding Fulani-herdsmen from the north, who are trying to seize lands down south for cattle grazing, if we truly support agricultural diversification, we can then introduce dairy cattle and other livestock farming in the southern parts of Nigeria. The economic benefits to these idea is huge, but I do not think we have the political will to make this happen. Look at the grazing bill tearing the nation apart, were government want to take lands from all states of the federation and hand it over to Hausa-Fulani herdsmen, the same people who have been killing innocent Nigerians. The same people who have been labeled the fourth most violent terrorist group in the world by Amnesty International.

Industrial diversification can also occur in other industries like, power, transportation, tourism, health, sports, communication, information technology etc. We need our economists, especially the CBN to look more into this.

Agricultural diversification is a success in India. I rest my case.

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President Buhari

President Buhari

Buhari has failed a lot of Nigerians. APC supporters and northern Nigerians, especially the Hausa-Fulani’s, will blindly follow President Buhari. Now he has gone to the U.K to treat and ear infection and news coming in, says that he might extend the 10 days health vacation.

According to a season journalist and evangelist, Femi Aribisala, he beautifully made us understand how bad this present regime is. Let me not bore you. Please visit these two links to read Mr. Femi Aribisala’s articles and understand this joke. There are two parts, below.



It’s been a week now since The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists ( leaked over 15 million financial documents to the press, of rich and powerful individuals, politicians, celebrities and world leaders stashing huge sums of money in Panama’s tax free zone (tax heaven). I don’t have anything against stashing your money in countries you don’t pay tax, as long as you worked for it. But politicians who moved funds belonging to their states or countries, are criminals. I still don’t know why people should pay tax especially in countries like Nigeria were the government doesn’t provide any basic amenities for her people, even when the people pay for everything and still pay VAT on all items.

But I find it funny though. I think it is another plan by the western powers to ridicule their non western powers like China and Russia. Since Edward Snowden leaked secret NSA papers and then he ran off to Russia and Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, who is still holed up the Ecuadorian embassy in London, the United States and Britain have done everything to rubbish Putin, the Russian president. Sure when the news broke on BBC, the first powerful leader to be mentioned was Putin as usual.

The #panamagate or #panamapapers has claimed it’s first victim when the Prime Minister of Iceland resigned from office. It has quietened down a bit now since it has claimed it’s first victim.

Iceland Prime Minister bends his head in shame after he announced his retirement from office last week.

Iceland Prime Minister bends his head in shame after he announced his retirement from office last week.

Nigeria has it’s own leaders mentioned in the scandal, from current senate president, Bukola Saraki to the former senate president, David Mark, former minister of defense Theophillus Danjuma and now a christian pastor T.B Joshua. Nothing will come out of all these. Only countires with tructures will deal with their defaulters, others like Nigeria won’t but I hope President Buhari would do something about it.

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President Buhari might be a likable man but he has flows. He is handling a situation that has become more sophisticated than he is. In simple language, he is “old school”. The current situation clearly defines what I am talking about.

When Buhari was sworn in as president on May 29th, 2015, his body language made Nigerians to be in line, but when his government showed a little lapse in being unserious in having a cabinet, corruption became bold enough to stand up to him. He has lost the momentum.

President Buhari believes in big government. He thinks that government can do everything. That’s definitely old school, ain’t it?! That is why there is fuel scarcity and fuel is being rationed nationwide. Yet fuel is being sold above the set price in major filling stations in oil producing states and the government is ensuring that fuel is being sold at the national price of #87 in non oil producing states like Lagos. You can’t make the NNPC the sole importers of petroleum products into the country in this day and age. It doesn’t work like that.

I don’t know what this craze is about having a big government. We need to trim down the size of government because the cost of managing governments has gone overboard. Government has no business being in business. The solution to our economic problems lies in privatisation and diversification of the Nigerian economy. Government needs to regulate the economy so that the major players in each industry do not take advantage of Nigerians.

And if Buhari really wants to fight corruption, he needs to use modern means to fight it. Modern technology will make the difference. I am sorry, Buhari will not succeed as a democratically elected president. This is no military regime and if the military dares to interfere in our democratic process because Buhari wants it, there will be dare consequences. There are no “Idiagbon’s” to help him now. Nigeria needs intelligent and creative leaders with vision to make a real “Change” in our country.

Cheta Okorafor


Some Muslims travelling with Christians for the Christmas holidays in Kenya, stopped the Somali terrorist group,Al-Shabab, from killing them. The bus they were traveliing in was ambushed along their route from Nairobi, Kenya to the town of Mandera, near the village of El Wak, on the Somali border. The Muslims refused to be separated from the Christians and demanded that they be killed along side the Christians. The terrorists fled after the Muslims prevented the from committing such atrocities. Remember that in April, some terrorists attacked a university and freed Muslims while singling out about 148 Christians and shooting them to death. They also carried out an attack in a shopping mall in 2013, were they also singled out Muslims and murdered Christians too.

somali based al-shabab terrorist group

somali based al-shabab terrorist group

Below is a list of attacks carried out by Al-Shabab in Kenya.
September 2013 – Al-Shabab militants seize the Westgate shopping mall in the capital Nairobi, killing 67 people.
June 2014 – At least 48 people die after Islamist militants attack hotels and a police station in Mpeketoni, near the island resort of Lamu.
November 2014 – The group targets a bus full of teachers in Mandera County, executing 28 non-Muslims at point-blank range.
December 2014- Al-Shabab kills 36 non-Muslim quarry workers near the north Kenyan town of Mandera.
April 2015 – Militants carry out a massacre at Garissa University College in north-east Kenya, killing 148 people.

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Recently, the Kogi State governorship elections were declared inconclusive in 91 polling units, with the APC governorship candidate in the lead, but unfortunately, he died on the 22nd of November, 2015. INEC now offered the APC to replace their late candidate. The APC replaced their candidate with Yahaya Bello, of which the late candidate’s running mate was against it. The PDP also demanded that since the late candidate of the APC died, and the election was declared inconclusive, even though the run-off elections in the 91 polling units were to hold on the 5th of December, their candidate, the sitting governor of Kogi State, should be declared the winner. I don’t know much about law but since the run-off elections have been held and the APC has been declared the winner of the concluded election, and it’s candidate died a natural death, his deputy or running mate, should replace him. What if the candidate was sworn in and after some months or years, he dies, won’t his running mate or deputy governor, be sworn in as governor?

The late Audu (l) and his running mate James Faleke

The late Audu (l) and his running mate James Faleke

Audu's son, Yahaya Bello who has been declared winner of the 2015 Kogi governorship election.

Audu’s son, Yahaya Bello who has been declared winner of the 2015 Kogi governorship election.

This is what Section 181 of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution as Amended states;

181. (1) If a person duly elected as Governor dies before taking and subscribing the Oath of Allegiance and oath of office, or is unable for any reason whatsoever to be sworn in, the person elected with him as Deputy governor shall be sworn in as Governor and he shall nominate a new Deputy-Governor who shall be appointed by the Governor with the approval of a simple majority of the House of Assembly of the State.

(2) Where the persons duly elected as Governor and Deputy Governor of a State die or are for any reason unable to assume office before the inauguration of the house of Assembly, the Independent National Electoral Commission shall immediately conduct an election for a Governor and Deputy Governor of the State.

So the APC has fallen short of the law in our constitution and should be disqualified from the election and therefore, the PDP candidate should be declared the winner. Just because of some tribal sentiment, we fall short of the law. This played out after the death of the late president Yar’adua (MHSRIP), were northern oligarch’s refused to allow the then vice-president, Goodluck Jonathan, to be sworn in as president. The APC, who offered us change, has fallen short of their promise to Nigerians. This is totally unacceptable from them. This is a matter of the elections tribunal to decide and I hope they will do what is necessary by upholding the constitution.

dickson and sylva, main candidates for the bayelsa governorship elections

dickson and sylva, main candidates for the bayelsa governorship elections

Also, the Bayelsa State elections were held on the 5th of December, 2015 and INEC, yet again declared the elections inconclusive due to the violence in the southern ijaw l.g.a with the current governor and PDP governorship candidate in the lead. The APC candidate and his party are already crying blue murder but following the trend on twitter, one can say that the APC planned to rig that election with security operatives. INEC will declare a run off election in that local government area and I hope they will do the right thing.



That is why I am in support of banning party or partisan politics in Nigeria. We need to accept independent candidates only. If we had several candidates who are not affiliated to any party, Nigerians will be free to choose the candidate of their choice and not a few forced unto them. If the leading candidate does not win with at least a 50-60% majority, we will then have a run-off election between the two or three leading candidates at the poll. We won’t also have a ruling or opposition party in our national assembly and the executives would have to ensure that they persuade the assembly to approve or pass their bills into law. This will reduce the shenanigans we see in the political stage in Nigeria to the barest minimum.

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leader of the IPOB (indigenous people's of biafra) group, Nnamdi Kanu

leader of the IPOB (indigenous people’s of biafra) group, Nnamdi Kanu

Just stop right there if you are Yoruba or Hausa-Fulani! Do you think I will sell off my brother?! You goofed really bad! I have never listened to Nnamdi Kanu or Radio Biafra and I never supported the agitation for the realization of Biafra. But my mind is changing. I will support the Indigenous People of Biafra movement on one ground. That the replace the agitation for the actualization for the defunct Biafran state with RESOURCE CONTROL!!!

The late Ikemba Nnewi made a disastrous mistake in plunging the former South-Eastern region, later called Biafra into a catastrophic war, that should not have taken place. We lost the war but also lost our oil and gas resources to the Northerners and Westerners. The then head of state during and after the war, Gen. Yakubu Gowon, launched the so-called “3-R’s!” campaign, which meant Reconciliation, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction. You can see that there has never been a reconciliation between the Igbo and the rest of Nigeria. The Igbo’s are the most despised people or tribe in Nigeria. Since 1981, eleven years after the war, they have been murdered in their numbers. I was born in Kaduna and I witnessed first hand the wickedness of these irate northern killers. My family and I fled the north in 1987. I was a child then. The northerners held power then and we don’t know why they have been doing this. Nobody is prosecuted and the go scot-free. Are Igbo’s, Nigerians if you kill them and destroy what they labored for, of which the government didn’t assist them in establishing.

President Buhari

President Buhari

Secondly, the Igbo’s and Niger Delta people were not rehabilitated in any way. Families in the former eastern region who survived the war were given 20 pounds and even if your family had a thousand, million or billion pounds in the bank, you lost the money. This evil enabled the Igbo’s not to invest in any company that was indigenized or localized in Nigeria in 1971. Some kind westerner’s and northerner’s gave some Igbo business men and women money to re-start their businesses and not invest in these localized companies. Check the list of major companies in Nigeria and you will see that only a few Igbo’s are on the board of directors list of those companies. Till today, there has not been any reconstruction done in the east since the end of the civil war. Rather, reconstruction was done in Lagos, a region that did not witness any violence of any kind except the murder of Igbo’s in the pogroms of 1966-1967. They had roads, third mainland bridge, national stadium, national theater built for them after the war, with resources gotten mainly from the Niger Delta.

Crude oil is shipped out from Onne deep sea port in the Niger Delta region on a daily basis to major refineries owned by Yoruba and Hausa fulani businessmen and women and shipped back into the country through Lagos which it’s ports are not deep. Most of the large ship dock deep into the ocean. Why don’t these ships return the refined products through these seaports? Major international and local oil companies have their headquarters in Lagos. Does Lagos produce oil? Why is there a refinery in Kaduna? Does Kaduna or the whole Northern region produce oil? Fuel sells for #300/liter in Yenegoa and #87/liter in Lagos. Is that not injustice of the highest order? Fuel scarcity is not biting in the north as it is biting in the south because they have been diverting huge amounts of fuel and other petroleum products up north. If this is not injustice, I wonder what is!

I do not support the importation of foreign products one bit but the Igbo’s have no choice to import them because the recalcitrant Nigerian government run by the Hausa’s and Yoruba’s make things difficult for them. The Igbo’s can manufacture and produce these goods in Nigeria but these insecure Nigerians will do everything to frustrate them in their endeavors. If it is not unrealistic money policies being carried out by the Central Bank of Nigeria, it is unrealistic economic policies being adopted by Yoruba’s and Hausa’s in power, even if the party in power is being supported by the Igbo’s.

In 2011, the north did not vote for Jonathan and yet he appointed northerners into his cabinet and gave them major appointments, yet Buhari stepped in, removed the food in the mouths of Igbo’s and Niger Deltan people and gave it to his brothers and sister’s, the Hausa Fulani’s. If he took these appointments and gave it to Igbo’s and Niger Delta people who are members of his party, do you think Igbo’s would be agitating for Biafra today?! Buhari and his kinsmen, together with the Yoruba’s have an evil agenda for the Igbo’s and Niger Delta people who are not in support of their party. The audio conversation between a Yoruba politician and his alhaji friend on phone, is evidence to this and it has been carried out by Buhari.

Coming back to Nnamdi Kanu, he goofed by not meeting Igbo, Niger Delta and Middle Belt leaders of thought to gain their support in this quest. He also should have met with other groups in Igbo land and the Niger Delta and the Middle Belt region and formed a coalition with them. We need to control our resources coming out of our regions. The Yoruba’s and Hausa’s can control the federal government for all I care but we must control our resources. If we control our resources and go back to the revenue sharing formula we had back in 1960-1967, the people stealing from the eastern region will stop it. And if we must remain as one country, we must have rotational presidency in Nigeria and the Igbo’s will start it in 2019. Partisan politics must be banned in Nigeria and only independent candidates should vie for political positions. We must also have a single term of 7 years for all elected officers, from the president to the councilor. If I were Nnamdi Kanu, I won’t make the mistake proud and selfish Ojukwu did that cost the lives of millions of Igbo’s and Niger Delta people. Nnamdi Kanu, with the education he claims he has, is already making a mistake and if innocent Igbo citizens are murdered in this quest, let their blood be on his head!