Would You Date Someone from Another Tribe or Race?

I am a Nigerian and I am an Igbo man from the South Eastern part of my country. I was born in the Northern part of Nigeria and now live in the most populous city in Nigeria, Lagos. I once dated a yoruba girl. Actually she is mixed in tribe. Her father was yoruba and her mum is from Delta State. We aren’t seeing each other anymore. Did I enjoy dating her? I don’t think I did. She didn’t meet my expectations in a lady intellectually.

I have a female friend who dated and married a yoruba guy. She is igbo. I kept asking her why she left igbo guys to spend the rest of her life with a man who isn’t from her tribe. She accused me of being a tribalist. But truth be told, she felt comfortable with the man. Now they are happily married. Do you know how many igbo guys who must have broken her heart and dissapointed her when she tried dating them?

Due to the ethnic differences in Nigeria, only a few Nigerians have the courage to date and eventually get maried to people from other tribes or ethnic groups. I haven’t seen an igbo man marry a muslim hausa fulani woman. Due to the religious difference between the two tribes, that can never happen because no muslim in the north would want his or her daughter to get married to a christian man, especially if he is igbo. Igbo men get married to northern christian women. Igbo women have are known to have married hausa fulani muslim men. Some of them convert to islam.

Down south of Nigeria, we inter-marry. Yoruba men marry igbo women, igbo men marry yoruba women. Same as other tribes in the southern part of Nigeria. But they aren’t much.

While watching the American sitcoms, Black-ish and Dear White People, I discovered the discrepancies in having an interracial marriage or having light skinned kids. The kids suffer most here. They don’t know who they belong with. Let’s take for example the former president of the United States, Barack Obama. Till today they still debate if he is an American or not because his father was Kenyan and his mother was a white woman. Even African Americans say that he isn’t a true black man.

But do people of different races show interest in dating people who don’t belong to their race? Yes. I do want to meet Asian and Latino women. I like them. I also love white women. As long as she isn’t skinny and have small breasts.

Would I want to get married to a woman who isn’t from my tribe here in Nigeria? I don’t know. If she knows how to cook our dishes maybe I will. Would I want to date women other African countries? Yes I do. Especially from South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Gambia and some North African countries.

So can you date someone who isn’t from your tribe, race or country? Let’s talk.


Top 5 Spots For A Business Power Lunch In Lagos

business meeting

It’s business time. You are looking to close a business deal and you are looking for the perfect place to grease the wheels of a business deal with fine food or liquor in a first-class atmosphere. While there is no shortage of places to meet in Lagos, Nigeria’s most bustling metropolitan city, it can be tricky to find a good place for a business meeting.

Critical to the success of any power lunch include decent food or drink, an impressive setting, and, most of all, impeccable service. If these elements are played right, that spot easily can help you seal the deal. Some places were made just for this purpose. Here are 5 of the best restaurants for business meetings in Lagos.


grill room

If you are looking for a place guaranteed to impress a boss or client, or a discreet destination to eat while discussing a deal, The Grill Room Bar, located at The Wheatbaker – Nigeria’s finest luxury boutique hotel – is the place you want to go to. Known for the unique food which includes Sea Food, this spot is undoubtedly suited for those with an edgier agenda, an alternative to the traditionally staid business lunch venues.

The View Bar

view bar

Frequented by celebrities, and hip entrepreneurs, it is not uncommon to hear big deals being discussed at The View, nestled at Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel. The restaurant’s noteworthy presence in practically all Lagos restaurant guides is a testament to its quality. For night meetings, you and your business partner can sip a cocktail, while admiring breathtaking vistas of the lagoon.

The Office Rooftop Bar

office roof top

This smart rooftop bar in Lagos mostly plays host to expense account diners and city workers. Located on the 2nd floor of the Four Points by Sheraton Lagos hotel, it offers great alfresco dining with beautiful views of the sunset as well as an amazing panoramic view of the Victoria Island Lagos at night. Again, with an array and assortment of food and cocktail menus to excite your taste buds, it is no doubt an establishment meant to woo clients and seal deals.



The ambiance at R.S.V.P, located in Victoria Island Lagos, is exquisite.  If you are looking to impress a new client, celebrate a merger or just work out a few details away from the office, this restaurant certainly offers one of the best locations. The daily-changing and variety of lunch menu and selection of beverages will also wow clients without splashing too much cash.



The solid combination of lively atmosphere, great service, and location in the city’s center (Ikeja), as well as trendy clientele definitely makes Bheerhugz a Lagos mainstay for business lunches and meetings. Offering a good balance of unpretentious food and highly-polished service, it certainly is a charming destination for clinching deals over red meat and cocktail after work hours.

Source: Jumia Travel Blog.


how to start a small farm business.

how to start a small farm business.

Are you’re thinking about starting a farm? This guide is here to help you take initial steps.

We provide an overview of the topic of starting a farm and point you in the direction of free information and resources to help you get started.

This guide is primarily oriented toward small farm operations.

It’s Complicated!: Starting a farm is complicated because it encompasses so much. In no particular order, farmers must consider business planning, finding land, securing financing, marketing, production knowledge, securing equipment, developing or securing infrastructure, and their vision for their farm, a product of their values, knowledge and experience.

What to Consider?

  • Vision and Values: A farm is both an extension of the vision and values of the individual(s) who start(s) it, and it has to be carefully planned to make sure that it fits within that vision as well as within the particular confines of the place where it is established.
  • Place Matters: Direct market farms typically aren’t well suited for the rural heartland, and rice farming is not going to be successful on the arid plains of Eastern Washington. These are extreme examples, but there are important subtleties to every market and every plot of land.
  • Planning: New farms need to have a well designed business plan that takes into consideration individual infrastructure and financial needsthe viability of marketing strategies, and the farmer’s production capacity and knowledge.
  • Education and Experience: Preparation, knowledge, and training are essential. But so is being able adapt quickly to the unexpected, to persevere when factors beyond one’s control conspire against you, and knowing how/when/what/where to expend time, energy, and resources.
  • Managing risk: It is helpful to plan careful to manage risk through diversification, financial management, and the ability to withstand a couple of bad years.
  • Start small: For most beginning farmers, we advise starting small to allow time for details to be worked out, for additional learning to occur, and to mitigate the size and scope of problems that will inevitably arise.

The above is offered here not to discourage, but to encourage careful, thoughtful planning.




Farming system is a decision making unit comprising the farm household, cropping and livestock system that transform land, capital and labour into useful products that can be consumed or sold or

Farming system is a resource management strategy to achieve economic and sustained production to meet diverse requirement to farm household while presenting resources base and maintaining a high level environmental quality.

They interact adequately with environment without dislocating the ecological and socio-economic balance on the one hand and attempt to meet the national goal on the other.

Farming system consist of several enterprises like cropping system, dairying, piggery, poultry, fishery, bee, keeping etc. these enterprises are interrelated. The end product and wastes of one enterprise are used as inputs in others. The waste of dairying like dung, urine, refuse etc. is used for preparation of FYM, which is an input in cropping systems. The straw obtained from the crops is used as fodder for cattle’s are used for different field operations for growing crops. Thus different enterprises of farming systems are highly interrelated.

Farming system is a complex inter related matrix of soil plants, animals, implements, power labour, capital and other inputs controlled in parts by farming families and influenced to varying degree by political, economic, institutional and socials forces that operate at many levels. Thus farming system is the result of a complex interaction among a number of interdependent components. To achieve it, the individual farmer allocates and qualities of four factors of production. Land, labour, capital and management, which has access to processes like management which has crop, livestock and off farm enterprises in a manner, which within the knowledge he possess will maximize the attainment of goal he is striving for.

Income through arable farming alone is insufficient for bulk of the marginal farmers. The other activities such as dairying, poultry, sericulture, apiculture, fisheries etc. assume critical importance in supplementing their farm income.

Livestock rising along with crop production is the traditional mixture of activities of the farmer all over the country, only the nature and extent various from region to region. It fits well with farm level infrastructure, small land base and abundant labour of small man and ensures full utilization of by products.

Farming system approach addresses itself to each of the the farmer enterprises, inter relationship among enterprises and between the farm and environment. Thus farming system research has the objective of increasing productivity of various enterprises in the farm while enterprises the crop production. But these approaches are not strictly compartment in the sense that any change in cropping system may bring about an inevitable change in the farming system.

Farming system approach introduces a change in farming technique for high production from a farm as whole with the integration of all the enterprises. The farm produce other than the economic products for which the crop is grown can be better utilized for productive purposes in the farming system approach. A judicious mix of cropping system with associated enterprises like dairy, poultry, piggery, fishery, sericulture etc. suited to the given agro-climatic conditions and socio economic status of farmers would bring prosperity to the farmer.



Ben was a millionaire before the age of 30. He had a good job with a multi-national company as an executive. He met his former wife Nkechi while she was 25 years old. They met one wet Wednesday morning while he was on his way to work and she was on her way to the university of lagos. She had just gained admission into university. As he drove by, he didn’t take notice of the puddle of rain water in front of him and he ran into it. Water splashed unto Nkechi and wet her clothes. She was about raining curses on the driver of the car before Ben stopped and apologised for the harm he had caused her. He offered to get her some new clothes and he took her to the closest boutique on the street which was open by then. He bought several clothes for her, took her to his place so she could get cleaned up and change. He got her a taxi cab to drop her off at school. They exchanged numbers. Thus began a whirlwind relationship that would end in marriage. Ben was like a God sent angel to Nkechi’s family. He met her families needs. He was such a generous in-law.

After his wife graduated from university and did her youth service, Ben set up a logistics business for his wife. With his contacts he helped her in getting clients who did good business with the young company.

Unfortunately, the multi-national company Ben worked with started experiencing financial problems in the international market. They had to retrench some staff. Ben was among those who got retrenched. Ben tried leaning back on the business his wife Nkechi was operating. His wife refused vehemently.

Meanwhile, his wife’s junior sister, Chioma, had been living with them all these years. She was a young naive graduate, who reluctantly ran errands in the house. When Ben and Nkechi were constantly fighting over the business, Chioma sided her brother in law and tried pleading with her elder sister to see reason with her husband. But Nkechi would have none of that and threatened to send Chioma back to their parents house. Ben’s in laws tried to persuade their daughter too, but she would have none of it. Unknowingly, Nkechi was having an affair with her manager. One unfortunate day, she took her belongings and three kids she had with Ben, and walked out of the marriage.

Ben had returned to meet an empty house and his sister in law who tried explaining the unfortunate event to him. It was a  heart breaking experience for Ben. Chioma did all she could to console him but Ben was inconsolable. Days passed into weeks, weeks into months. Chioma tried to leave the house so as not to be a burden to Ben but he insisted that she stayed. Her family encouraged her to stay. That naive and reluctant sister in law took care of Ben and the house. She cooked, cleaned and washed. As God would have it she got a very good job and good payment with it. Even when Ben went bankrupt, she still helped out in taking care of their needs. She even gave him pocket money so that he could take care of his needs.

Ben was lucky to get a new job with better entitlements from his last job. And to show his gratitude, he took Chioma out on an expensive and exclusive date to show his gratitude for all she did for him. One thing led to another and he kissed her. They drove back home late in the night and as Chioma made for her room, he grabbed her arm and looked deeply into her eyes. Her eyes were pleading with Ben not to but he just couldn’t resist her. He took her into his arms and with their bodies clinging into each other, they kissed in a deep wet kiss. He carried her on his arms while her hands and head rested on his chests and neck respectively into his room and he made love to her until the wee hours of the morning.

Ben has proposed to Chioma. His estranged wife Nkechi wants to come back. He didn’t divorce Nkechi. Ben is still hell bent on marrying Chioma who is already pregnant for him. His in laws support him. Nkechi is using Ben’s family to win her husband back but most of them support Ben.

Now the big question, if you were in Ben’s shoes, what would you do? Stay with your sister in law who stood by your side when you had no one or go back to your wife who abandoned you when you needed her the most?




Runaway bride was the title to the 1999 movie starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. In that movie the bride ran away from the grooms because she was scared of the future. Scared of getting pregnant, giving birth, raising the kids, being a mum, economic and financial insecurity and growing old. All she needed was a man who would make her understand that everything was gonna be just fine.

Fast forward to 2016 and you have a new movie being played in real life in Eket, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, West Africa. A bride runs away from her wedding with her husband to be, hot on her heels. She decided to run away from the wedding because she didn’t see guests from Chevron were her husband to be claims he works with. This is funny. Both couples are insincere to themselves.

Why would the groom lie about his background to a woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with? If he eventually marries her, he will keep in lying to her.

Then the bride. Why is she only interested in marrying a man who is financially loaded to secure her future? Does it mean she doesn’t want to suffer in her matrimonial home? How can she be so blind as not to discover that he was lying to her. How can he also not know she only loved him for what he could offer her at the moment.

This is what we suffer in the world today. Relationships have become materialistic and selfish. Ladies are more interested in marrying fully loaded guys while men are only interested in being in a relationship were the lady can meet their sexual needs. Girls want to marry a man who has a car, lives in a three bedroom flat and who haves dstv cable so that they can be watching Africa movie channel with their friends and show them how they have upgraded.

My advice to wanna be couples, if you can’t be of any importance to your partners life, get the hell out of the relationship and remain where you are. For the groom, after spending so much please get your pound of flesh or make her family pay for the expenses. Imagine running away!