About Us.

http://www.chetaokorafor.net is an online business and lifestyle blog-magazine. We intend to use this platform to reveal or espose the lifestyle of successful business men and women, so that young men and women can learn from them and later start the business of their dreams. It would also be a magazine that would offer simple business solutions to start-up businesses and small business owners in Nigeria.

Our vision is to become the most visited recognized and widely read online business and lifestyle magazine in Nigeria, Africa and the world, by the year 2017 and beyond.

Our mission is as follows;

–          To have one million registered online members by the year 2017,

–          To provide creative and innovative solutions to the problems of small, medium and large enterprises in Nigeria and Africa through advertising and public relations,

–          To reveal the great business opportunities in Nigeria and Africa,

–          To make people in Nigeria and the world, enjoy everything about Nigeria through our online and print magazine.

To learn more about our blog and how you can advertise on our blog call Cheta on 09091199608 or 09052813053 or send an email to tnemag@gmail.com.


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