Some Muslims travelling with Christians for the Christmas holidays in Kenya, stopped the Somali terrorist group,Al-Shabab, from killing them. The bus they were traveliing in was ambushed along their route from Nairobi, Kenya to the town of Mandera, near the village of El Wak, on the Somali border. The Muslims refused to be separated from the Christians and demanded that they be killed along side the Christians. The terrorists fled after the Muslims prevented the from committing such atrocities. Remember that in April, some terrorists attacked a university and freed Muslims while singling out about 148 Christians and shooting them to death. They also carried out an attack in a shopping mall in 2013, were they also singled out Muslims and murdered Christians too.

somali based al-shabab terrorist group

somali based al-shabab terrorist group

Below is a list of attacks carried out by Al-Shabab in Kenya.
September 2013 – Al-Shabab militants seize the Westgate shopping mall in the capital Nairobi, killing 67 people.
June 2014 – At least 48 people die after Islamist militants attack hotels and a police station in Mpeketoni, near the island resort of Lamu.
November 2014 – The group targets a bus full of teachers in Mandera County, executing 28 non-Muslims at point-blank range.
December 2014- Al-Shabab kills 36 non-Muslim quarry workers near the north Kenyan town of Mandera.
April 2015 – Militants carry out a massacre at Garissa University College in north-east Kenya, killing 148 people.

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infidelity is gross!

infidelity is gross!

Men cheat on their women because they want to!  It all boils down to sex. Men do not view sex the same way women do. Women view sexual intercourse as an emotion…… act of love. That’s understandable, considering the fact that you have to lie back and allow a foreign body to enter your body. You have been taught all your life that you only let that kind of deeply intimate moment happen with someone who really means something to you. Men don’t think that way. It’s very easy for a man to have sex, go home, wash it off with soap and water and act like what he just did never happened. Sex can be a purely physical act for us and love has nothing to do with it.

A man can love his wife, his children, his home and the life that they have all built together and have an incredible physical connection to her and still get some sex from another woman without a second thought about it, because sex with the “other” woman, meant nothing to him. He might have felt good at the moment but his heart is with his wife.

Men love sex. All men love sex. Even priests who have professed celibacy, with their manhood’s are still intact. But when a woman denies her man sex, her man will definitely go out to have “some”. You might be tired from work and expect the man to understand that you are tired and keep off from you, especially when you have to do the cooking, feed the family and do the dishes and he comes honking next to you with his erect penis, asking for “some” and you shuuuu him off. He will try to feel better immediately and he will look for that woman that will give him what he wants, if he can’t get it from you.

Most men will cheat on you if he thinks he can get away with it and do everything to make sure you don’t know that he is cheating on you. The man, who doesn’t really care a damn about you, will make sure you know and dare you in your face. Men are defined by who they are what they do and how much we make and if they haven’t gotten to where they want to be, being committed to a woman is completely out of the question. A man might also be married and committed to a woman and have a family and as long as he isn’t right with God, he will cheat on his wife. Being right with God will establish that moral code that will keep him to his wife. As long as that moral code isn’t there, he will be tempted and he will fall.

A man will cheat on his woman, when he discovers that the spark that brought them together is no longer there. Women change when children come along but I don’t think that is necessary. Even when the kids come you don’t need to stop living your life. If you are always protective of your kids, they will become dependent. You don’t need to take of your kids and forget to buy a roll on or perfume, or new clothes and shoes, or have dinner in a fancy restaurant with your man. You need to spice your relationship every second, every minute, ever hour and every day. I am not just talking about the ladies here. Men do neglect themselves too. When the spark is gone, couples tend to cheat on each other.

If there is a lot of argument in the house too, that spark can disappear also. I know a well to do family man who spends most of his time outside the house because his wife never gives him a breathing space at home. He spends time with the guys and you know when some irresponsible men are together, they tend to be adventurous and they can persuade your man to go “have some fun”!

Lastly and very importantly, men will always cheat on their women because the “other” woman is always willing to cheat with him. Men can cheat because there are so many women willing to give themselves to a man who doesn’t belong to them. Some women don’t know that the man they are sleeping with is married but majority of them know.

The greatest mistake a woman will ever do is to confront the “other” woman. The moment you do that, you have lost your self-prestige in the eyes of your man. Do you want to get even with your man? You can simply do this by setting a standard with him. You can either walk out of the relationship or marriage or forgive him and stay in the relationship/marriage and warn him seriously that if it happens again you walk out the door. But you need to set these standards before you enter into the relationship/marriage. When you walk out of the relationship with the kids, he will feel miserable. Some irresponsible men, would hurt you if you do that. Some men will be genuinely miserable and do everything to win you back.

Finally, never fight or confront your man or the “other” woman if you know he cheated on you. Just walk out on him. You have a lot in your life to deal with a man who is unfaithful to you.



Pep Guardiola thinking about his pending move to England next season.

Pep Guardiola thinking about his pending move to England next season.

Pep Guardiola, strongly linked to a move to the Premier League, has told Bayern Munich he will be leaving the club at the end of the season, German media reported on Thursday. The Spaniard’s three-year contract expires next June and Bayern’s head coach has said he will announce “before Christmas” whether he will extend his stay or leave, with Manchester City among the English sides keen to secure his services.

According to German daily Bild, Guardiola gave his decision to Bayern boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge “last week”.

The 44-year-old Catalan is in his third year at the helm of the Bavarian giants.

Last month Rummenigge indicated that talks on his future would begin after December 19 “to avoid any Christmas surprise, one way or the other”.

Barcelona daily Sport claimed a month ago that Guardiola had already given his word to former Barca colleagues Ferran Soriano and Txiki Begiristain, now Manchester City’s chief executive and director of football respectively, that he would join them at the Etihad next season.

Bild suggested Guardiola was alive to the danger of out-staying his welcome if he remained at Bayern.

“He is someone who enjoys a challenge. That’s the reason why he joined Bayern in 2013,” the paper said.

Bayern laboured to a 1-0 German Cup win over Darmstadt on Tuesday to book their place in the quarter-finals and keep alive their dreams of winning the treble of Champions League, Bundesliga and cup titles this season.

The Bavarian giants hold a five-point lead in the German league ahead of their final game of 2015 at Hanover 96 on Saturday, but the sense of anticipation is building in the Bayern squad over Guardiola’s impending announcement.

My take on this is that Arsenal should make a move for him and Wenger should step aside just as Alex Ferguson did for Manchester United. Arsenal is the best team for Guardiola to shine in England. Don’t get me wrong, Manchester City is not a classic team to allow Guardiola carry out his “tiki-taka” philosophy. The class of players in Manchester City are not worth it.

Manchester United is the team I think Guardiola will move to rather. Van Gaal is falling out with the club with two low class defeats to Wolfsburg in the Champions League, making the team fall out of that competition and to Bournemouth in the English Premier League last weekend. The club has more prestige than Manchester City.

Let’s wait and see what it’s gonna be!


cheta hard at work on his blog

cheta hard at work on his blog

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linda ikeji in a how multi million mansion

linda ikeji in a how multi million mansion

linda ikeji with her land rover jeep

linda ikeji with her land rover jeep


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Thank you.



hair 3

Having a bad hair day and are you tired of relaxing your hair? You can go natural you know and save money from relaxing your hair. For some ladies, going natural did not stop with their hair.  It continued with a move towards mixing their own “natural” products.  While numerous recipes exist on the internet, few are actually both simple and effective in meeting the needs of our natural hair.  If you are new to making your own products or are a current “mixtress” searching for an easy to make recipe that actually works, you can start with these homemade conditioners:

  1. For Manageability – Bananas, olive oil, glycerin, and honey

This homemade conditioner improves the manageability of your hair for post-rinse styling. The secret is in the banana, which has a way of minimizing shrinkage and softening the hair when mixed with the other ingredients.  Meanwhile, glycerin and honey, which are both humectants, and olive oil, which is known to penetrate the hair, all contribute moisturizing benefits.  Do not be alarmed if you notice a loosening of your coils or curls with this conditioner; the effect is temporary until your next wash day. This recipe is ideal for naturals who want to achieve easier blow-outs or better stretched styles.


1 large overripe banana (sliced)

4 table spoon extra virgin olive oil

2 table spoon pure vegetable glycerin

2 table spoon pure honey


Place the sliced banana, extra virgin olive oil, glycerin, and honey all in a blender. Blend the ingredients thoroughly making sure no lumps or banana bits remain. (Depending on your blender quality, you may or may not have to then sieve the mixture.) Apply to hair and let sit for 30-45 minutes under a shower cap. Detangle, rinse thoroughly, and style as usual.


  1. For Detangling – Avocados, olive oil, shea butter, and apple cider vinegar

This homemade conditioner is lubricating, thick, and heavy, moisture, and hang for detangling. The avocado’s meatiness and fatty acid content contribute to the effectiveness of this mixture.  Additionally, the fatty acids in the olive oil combined with the emollient properties of shea butter add even more lubrication and moisturizing benefits.  Lastly, the acidic pH of the apple cider vinegar helps to flatten the cuticles for easier detangling.  This conditioner is ideal for those with thick, dense hair and major shrinkage.


1 overripe avocado (sliced)

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

1/2 cup unrefined shea butter

2-3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar


Place the sliced avocado, unrefined shea butter, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), and apple cider vinegar (ACV) into a blender. (There is no need to melt the shea butter ahead of time.)  Blend all the ingredients thoroughly and add more EVOO, if necessary, until the mixture reaches your desired consistency. When done, apply to the hair and let sit for 30-45 minutes under a shower cap. Detangle, rinse thoroughly, and style as usual.

hair 2

  1. For Strengthening – Coconut oil and honey

This conditioner is ideal for naturals whose hair dislikes protein conditioners but needs a bit of strengthening.  The key is the coconut oil, which binds to the hair thus reducing keratin loss. Honey, a humectant, is also added to the mix to impart moisture retention.  You will get the best of both worlds , moisture and strength, with this conditioner.


4 table spoons of extra virgin coconut oil

2 table spoons of pure honey

(Depending on hair density or length, you may use two servings of this recipe)


Place the coconut oil and honey in a small cup and place the cup in a large bowl of hot water.  Allow the cup to sit in the water for a few minutes until the mixture is warm.  Pour the mixture onto freshly washed but towel blotted hair.  Put on a shower cap, and wrap with a towel to prevent mixture from dripping onto face. Let it sit for 20 minutes, then rinse out 80-90% of the conditioner, and style as usual.


I don’t know why women complain about the men in their lives so much these days. In fact the major conversation among young women these days is about the men in their lives. They want to have all the juicy details of how men treat their friends for gossips sake. They even seek for advice from their friends and this damages their relationship with the men in their lives.

the game

If a woman or girl complains about the man in her life, you are the problem. The way you let the man come unto you determines how he would treat you. Don’t hate the player, hate the game! When a man approaches you, you are the one with total control over the situation. It is you who would decide if you are going to give the man any of the things he wants from you, including sex. Yes! Men are sexually attracted to women as soon as they see them. Where you stand in a man’s eyes is dictated by your control over the situation. Every word you say, every move you make, every signal you give to a man will help him determine whether he should try to play you, be straight with you

Let me show you how you might have met the man of your dream or someone who is just playing with you.

  1. If his conversation with you is not often serious, he doesn’t take you serious but if he seems interested in your needs, life, desires and future, he is serious with you.
  2. If he is willing to abide by your rules and follows them he is serious with you but if he laughs off your requirements and standards, then he is not serious with you.
  3. If he asks for your number and calls you after a week, he isn’t serious with you. If he instead calls you immediately, he is showing that he is genuinely interested in you.
  4. If a man takes you out on a date and pays the bill, he is showing that he is willing to provide for you, which means that he is serious with you. If not, please run!
  5. If he keeps to appointments with you, he takes you serious. If he doesn’t and he doesn’t even call or text you to let you know the reason why he can’t keep up with the appointment, he isn’t serious with you.
  6. If he introduces you to his friends, family, co-workers (very dangerous, because some insincere friends of his would want to make out with you!), or other people, he is serious with you. If he doesn’t introduce you to his people, he isn’t serious with you.
  7. If you invite him to come see your parents and other family members or your friends and he doesn’t waste time in doing so, he is serious with you but if he gives you excuses from time to time why he can’t, please he isn’t serious with you (I have fallen short of this).
  8. If he makes a face when you tell him that you have children, he isn’t serious with you. But if he is willing to meet them and shows up with gifts for your kids and relates with them in a way that makes your children comfortable with him, he is serious with you.
  9. If he is financially okay and is able to provide for his needs, then you can take him serious. If he isn’t maybe you can give him time to pick himself up but if he doesn’t, you know what to do.
  10. If your man is okay with you seeing other men and he sees other women, a situation you two have an “open” relationship, he is not serious with you. If he insists on having an “exclusive” relationship, were the two of you only date each other, he is very serious with you.


Recently, the Kogi State governorship elections were declared inconclusive in 91 polling units, with the APC governorship candidate in the lead, but unfortunately, he died on the 22nd of November, 2015. INEC now offered the APC to replace their late candidate. The APC replaced their candidate with Yahaya Bello, of which the late candidate’s running mate was against it. The PDP also demanded that since the late candidate of the APC died, and the election was declared inconclusive, even though the run-off elections in the 91 polling units were to hold on the 5th of December, their candidate, the sitting governor of Kogi State, should be declared the winner. I don’t know much about law but since the run-off elections have been held and the APC has been declared the winner of the concluded election, and it’s candidate died a natural death, his deputy or running mate, should replace him. What if the candidate was sworn in and after some months or years, he dies, won’t his running mate or deputy governor, be sworn in as governor?

The late Audu (l) and his running mate James Faleke

The late Audu (l) and his running mate James Faleke

Audu's son, Yahaya Bello who has been declared winner of the 2015 Kogi governorship election.

Audu’s son, Yahaya Bello who has been declared winner of the 2015 Kogi governorship election.

This is what Section 181 of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution as Amended states;

181. (1) If a person duly elected as Governor dies before taking and subscribing the Oath of Allegiance and oath of office, or is unable for any reason whatsoever to be sworn in, the person elected with him as Deputy governor shall be sworn in as Governor and he shall nominate a new Deputy-Governor who shall be appointed by the Governor with the approval of a simple majority of the House of Assembly of the State.

(2) Where the persons duly elected as Governor and Deputy Governor of a State die or are for any reason unable to assume office before the inauguration of the house of Assembly, the Independent National Electoral Commission shall immediately conduct an election for a Governor and Deputy Governor of the State.

So the APC has fallen short of the law in our constitution and should be disqualified from the election and therefore, the PDP candidate should be declared the winner. Just because of some tribal sentiment, we fall short of the law. This played out after the death of the late president Yar’adua (MHSRIP), were northern oligarch’s refused to allow the then vice-president, Goodluck Jonathan, to be sworn in as president. The APC, who offered us change, has fallen short of their promise to Nigerians. This is totally unacceptable from them. This is a matter of the elections tribunal to decide and I hope they will do what is necessary by upholding the constitution.

dickson and sylva, main candidates for the bayelsa governorship elections

dickson and sylva, main candidates for the bayelsa governorship elections

Also, the Bayelsa State elections were held on the 5th of December, 2015 and INEC, yet again declared the elections inconclusive due to the violence in the southern ijaw l.g.a with the current governor and PDP governorship candidate in the lead. The APC candidate and his party are already crying blue murder but following the trend on twitter, one can say that the APC planned to rig that election with security operatives. INEC will declare a run off election in that local government area and I hope they will do the right thing.



That is why I am in support of banning party or partisan politics in Nigeria. We need to accept independent candidates only. If we had several candidates who are not affiliated to any party, Nigerians will be free to choose the candidate of their choice and not a few forced unto them. If the leading candidate does not win with at least a 50-60% majority, we will then have a run-off election between the two or three leading candidates at the poll. We won’t also have a ruling or opposition party in our national assembly and the executives would have to ensure that they persuade the assembly to approve or pass their bills into law. This will reduce the shenanigans we see in the political stage in Nigeria to the barest minimum.

Join my page,, and support the quest to ban party politics in Nigeria.