a man checking out some ladies

a man checking out some ladies

Imagine this scenario. You are in a bar and having a drink with your girls, when the hottest guy in the room walks up to your table. As he approaches, you and your girls lose your breath and you all excited and he asks if he could speak to you. Some of your girls are disappointed and some jealous at that moment, while some are happy for you and lead you on. You stand up and move to another table with this new guy and you guys start a conversation. What do you think he wants to do with you at that very moment? Let me tell you the truth and nothing but a truth. When a man approaches you, he has a plan. And the main plan in his head is to sleep with you or to find out what it takes to sleep with you.

I’m also guilty as charged! Yeah!! If I see a woman I like, I am sexually attracted to her. It’s all about the sex sister. Men are simple beings. If we like what we see, we will do everything to get it. If we don’t, we are walking away. We always want something. And when it comes to women, we want to find out if the lady is willing to sleep with us and if she is, we would also want to know how much it would cost to get you into our bed!

They say that the way you make your bed is the way you lay on it. The way you present yourself to a man determines if he would sleep with you or keep you. If you dress like a slut, he will treat you as a slut. If you dress like a gentle and responsible lady, he will treat you with respect and move cautiously, else he gets his butt whooped! Apologies for the porn.

In my next article I’ll let you know if he wants to get down with you or if he sees you as a keeper. Ladies you got to pay me for this you know! Please share this story with your other friends.


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