Jamie Vardy of Leicester City has been on a goal scoring rampage and he has scored 13 goals and has also scored in every match in this 2015/2016 EPL season. This weekend Leicester City welcomes Manchester United to the King Power stadium were Leicester city humiliated Manchester United 5-3 after Man Utd had come 3-1 up. Leicester City top the EPL with 28 points, one point ahead of Manchester United and this is the top of the table match. If Leicester City wins this match, it will show how serious they are to win the EPL this season. Manchester United failed to beat PSV Eindhoven in the UEFA Champions League match and the game ended in a scoreless draw. They were very lucky to win their game against Watford, were they had to wait till the end of the game to win the match 2-1. I hope Man Utd wins but I think it will end in a scoreless draw and Jamie Vardy’s run of scoring in every match will end, I hope. Leicester City will then play several difficult games to Swansea, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool and Manchester City. It seems the honeymoon is about to end!

leicester city players celebrate one of their goals against manchester united last season. will they be doing that again?

leicester city players celebrate one of their goals against manchester united last season. will they be doing that again?

Chelsea lost 5-3 to Tottenham Hot Spurs at white hart lane last season. This will be a difficult game for Chelsea. Tottenham are in fine form. They beat West Ham 4-1 last week and won their UEFA Cup game on thursday. Chelsea are also in fine form too. They won their game against Norwich City at the bridge before winning their game in the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday. This will be an exciting London derby game.

will in-form harry cane dent chelsea's image in their london derby?

will in-form harry cane dent chelsea’s image in their london derby?

Manchester City will hope to recover from their humiliating defeat to Liverpool at the Ethihad last week and also their loss to Juventus in the UEFA Champions League. But Southampton won’t be an easy game for them. Liverpool will host Swansea City on Sunday. Klopp’s men have two wins this week against Manchester City and Bordeaux of France in the UEFA Cup.

Arsenal, my favorite English team, will travel to Norwich City for their game against Norwich. I was pissed off last week when Arsenal lost to West Brom 2-1, with an own goal by Arteta and Carzola missing a penalty John Terry style. Mikel Arteta and Francis Coquelin will both be out for the game. Arsenal have recovered from that loss to West Brom after they beat Dynamo Zagreb 3-0 in the UEFA Champions League, with Sanchez and Ozil scoring. I hope they win because I will loose my mind if they loose.



All the matches are as follows below;

Saturday 28 November, 2015.

AFC Bournemouth vs Everton

Aston Villa vs Watford,

Crystal Palace vs Newcastle United

Manchester City vs Southampton

Sunderland vs Stoke City

Leicester City vs Manchester United

Sunday 29 November, 2015.

Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea

West Ham vs West Brom

Liverpool vs Swansea

Norwich City vs Arsenal.






peace of god

The peace of God is always represented in an image of a white dove. This bird is said to be gentle.

For a fact, I am not religious one bit but I do believe in God just like everybody. We have religious fanatics all over the world and one can’t trust them easily. You see people who think that they know God more than you do and they can easily lead you astray if you let them. A lot of Christians now worship their pastors and priests than God. The same thing with Muslims and their Imams. But I always like to be one with God. I just started practicing to do so. Here, let me show you how.

  • Be calm.

To be God, lower your ever-rising thoughts, and become calm. This can be done by deep breathing, watching the breath, yogic exercises (I am very lazy at this), meditation, and performing actions with a sense of complete surrender without expecting any fruits and rewards, etc

  • Empty your thoughts.

When the entire mind becomes thought-less, and at the same time, extremely alert and aware, you are one with the whole creation or God. I still find this very difficult to do.

  • Realize that there is only one entity, and that entity is omnipresent.

This means being present always, everywhere at all times, in each cell and pore of your body, your body in all materials, in animals, plants, rocks, rivers, everything and everywhere and all gross things including matter and energy are manifestations of this one entity, and that entity which is labelled as God is in everyone and everything will create pure, non-business, desire-less love.

  • Quieten the mind.

The easiest way to quieten the mind is doing very deep breathing for at least 10-15 minutes. One can breathe through each and every emotion, be it anger, love, hate, anything and transcend it and become calm and experience pure joy or bliss. Very easy to do and I tell you it has helped me a lot. You can try it.

  • Watch your emotions.

Emotions are nothing but sensations in some part of the body. Quietly watch these sensations, and the emotions will dissolve, and give way to pure love. Be a witness of your emotions and actions always, rather than becoming the actions and emotions. With this practice, you will be in pure joy or bliss in a short time whatever the external circumstances. God is nothing but pure love and bliss.

You don’t need to be overly religious to be one with God. God is peace and when you are at peace with your mind, body and soul, my sister and brother you are one with God. Hope this touched you in a positive way?


a man checking out some ladies

a man checking out some ladies

Imagine this scenario. You are in a bar and having a drink with your girls, when the hottest guy in the room walks up to your table. As he approaches, you and your girls lose your breath and you all excited and he asks if he could speak to you. Some of your girls are disappointed and some jealous at that moment, while some are happy for you and lead you on. You stand up and move to another table with this new guy and you guys start a conversation. What do you think he wants to do with you at that very moment? Let me tell you the truth and nothing but a truth. When a man approaches you, he has a plan. And the main plan in his head is to sleep with you or to find out what it takes to sleep with you.

I’m also guilty as charged! Yeah!! If I see a woman I like, I am sexually attracted to her. It’s all about the sex sister. Men are simple beings. If we like what we see, we will do everything to get it. If we don’t, we are walking away. We always want something. And when it comes to women, we want to find out if the lady is willing to sleep with us and if she is, we would also want to know how much it would cost to get you into our bed!

They say that the way you make your bed is the way you lay on it. The way you present yourself to a man determines if he would sleep with you or keep you. If you dress like a slut, he will treat you as a slut. If you dress like a gentle and responsible lady, he will treat you with respect and move cautiously, else he gets his butt whooped! Apologies for the porn.

In my next article I’ll let you know if he wants to get down with you or if he sees you as a keeper. Ladies you got to pay me for this you know! Please share this story with your other friends.


France has declared a state of emergency, closing it’s borders after 120 to 150 people got killed in a late night attack on Friday 13th, 2015, by Islamic terrorists linked to IS better known as the Islamic State.

People were shot dead at bars and restaurants at five other sites in Paris. Eight attackers are reported to have been killed.

Early in January, Paris also saw 3 days of attacks when Islamist gunmen murdered 18 people after attacking satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, a Jewish supermarket and a police woman on patrol.

The attack sites include:
– La Casa Nostra restaurant, gun attack,
– La Belle Equipe, gun attack,
– Left Petit Cambodge restaurant, gun attack,
– Stade de France, St Denis, explosions near venue as France played Germany in a friendly match.
– Bataclan concert venue, gun and suicide bomb attacks.

I knew this was coming and more attacks will occur across Europe as the days go by. With the current wave of Arab immigrants pouring into Europe on a daily basis, I think it is completely stupid for Europe to accept the trojan horse/Greek gift offered them by the conflict instigated by the United States since their twin invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan after the 9-11-2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and the unrest in Arab states following the Arab Spring revolution from 2009.

We will have more attacks in Europe and they need to prepare for the worst. My heart goes to France and this affects the hosting of the Euro 2016 Football Championships next summer. One of the attacks happened just outside the stadium France beat Brazil 3-0 to win the 1998 FIFA World Cup Finals hosted by France that same year. France was hosting Germany in an international friendly match at the time the attacks was going on. French President François Hollande was in attendance and he later went to the concert venue where he declared a state of emergency.

May the souls of the victims rest in peace!





Cheta Okorafor


julius agwu granting an interview with tvc

julius agwu granting an interview with tvc


After watching Julius Agwu’s interview with TVC on youtube.com, I must confess that I am not impressed at all. I know he had a near death experience with brain tumor early this year but he should remember that there are a lot of unfortunate souls around the world who do not have access to quality health services all over the world today, let alone in Nigeria. He should be thankful to God that he had a successful surgery and should pray that the tumor does not grow back.

julius agwu after his successful surgery in houston, texas, u.s.a

julius agwu after his successful surgery in houston, texas, u.s.a

Julius Agwu lost consciousness and was rushed to a hospital in Texas, USA in June or July, 2015. He had a successful surgery and we thank God he is alive. But my take on this issue is that he was a bit arrogant and too serious about his new found faith. When a phone rang, he was arrogant and ordered someone in that room to answer the phone. When he was told who called, he responded harshly. Then he started mentioning names of his colleagues who were disloyal to him. This disloyalty brings to mind Chris Brown’s song, ‘gals ain’t loyal” and it clearly shows how angry he is with them. Teju Babyface gives Ali Baba the credit for giving him the opportunity to establish his career but Julius Agwu maintains that he was the one who gave him the opportunity. He also insists that he gave Basket Mouth his opportunity too. Maybe he might be right, but must you overstate it? Afterall the person you claim to ardore so much, Jesus Chris healed ten leapers but only one came back to thank him. Do you know how it feels to be rejected by your own people and then killed by them? Yet Jesus did not hold any grudges (as they claim) and he forgave his transgressors. Julius people will hold you down and pray for your downfall but God has given you the grace to use his name and glorify him yet you hold grudges. Na wah! Wetin you won preach sef?!

Below are 10 punchlines from the explosive interview.

  1. The devil locks everywhere, even my books and DVDs don’t sell anymore.
  2. Nobody dey gree market am for ‘Alaba’ market.
  3. I release album, e no dey sell.
  4. ‘Ayeni The Great’ refused to pick my calls, I begged him to be my publicist but he refused
  5. I gave Basketmouth his first opportunity to perform on stage in Lagos
  6. Na me first bring Timaya and Duncan Mighty come Lagos
  7. I met Banky W in New York and advised him to come home
  8. I met Don Jazzy and Dbanj at JJC’s studio in London and advised them to also relocate but today none of them gives me credit, na Devil tie their mouth.
  9. I gave Teju Babyface his first opportunity as well, back when he was still in Unilag
  10. God is doing a new thing in my life Devil wants to steal our Industry, but we will not allow it, that’s why I’m starting a new campaign called CEO (Christian Entertainers Outreach)….

Watch the full interview here; https://youtu.be/fn1GYk4ihZo and tell me what you think.





The Christmas holiday period is upon us again. Most of us who have been saving our hard earned money all through the year would use most of it to travel down to our villages to see the same people we see every year end. Don’t you think this is the most boring thing we do all year round? Why don’t you spice up your vacation by going to some where you have never been before or do something you have never dared doing in your life(please not the harmful one!).

You can take a vacation to someplace relaxing like a hotel in calabar. Remember the have this famous calabar carnival they do every by the end of the year. You can go partying, sightseeing, visit the beach or take a walk in a game or forest reserve.

Are you in a relationship, newly married, or you are having a strain in your relationship, this is the best period for you to strengthen your relationship and maybe make one or two babies you know (winks). But you need an exquisite environment to be alone and not the usual spot you guys shared all year long. If you have kids, you can travel with them too and have family bonding. It’s spiritual and fulfilling. Yeah I know money might be the problem here but I promise you that I am gonna make a research to help you make the best and most affordable choices this coming holidays.

Happy holidays in advance people!

Cheta Okorafor


President Buhari

President Buhari

It’s been approximately six month’s since President Buhari took over power on May 29, 2015. Since then, the Nigerian economy has become very unhealthy due to the fact that the present government is yet to have its cabinet of ministers, even though the senate has confirmed and submitted the list of confirmed ministers to the president. The war against Boko Haram seems not to abate, crime has increased in major cities in the country and now we have an agitation for an independent state of Biafra which the country doesn’t need now. Yet the current president doesn’t seem to be bothered. He seems to be more concerned about corruption.

Don’t get me wrong. If we must progress as a nation, we must tackle corruption. But must you fight corruption and allow the country to deteriorate. The best way to define this administration is to depict the current president as a captain of a boat, filled with rats and the boat is a approaching a huge waterfall. The boat approaches the waterfall, the captain is seen to be shouting about the rats left behind by the former captain on his boat and ignoring the fact that the boat is heading down hill.

A captain of a ship steers his ship to safety and ensures it arrives safely. But it wrecks, he goes down with it. Ask the captain of the Titanic. President Buhari should know this. If you must fight corruption, you mustn’t concentrate on one administration alone or else you will be perceived as being selective. Oh by the way, the president insisted that he doesn’t give a damn what people thought and that he would do everything to bring the members of the last regime to book for corrupt practices. To me that’s hypocrisy at it’s fullest. After all, members of his “noisemakers/thank you” cabinet are also alleged to be corrupt, so who is fooling who! Past governments, especially that of ex-president Obasanjo, are also guilty of corruption. Strive Masiyiwa has revealed how corrupt that administration was. Abacha’s loot is still being recovered till this day.

President Buhari must do everything to unite Nigerians. He seems to have worsened the case by hiring majority of his Hausa-Fulani kinsmen and placing them in important positions and making a crazy statement of 5% constituency who didn’t vote for him. Now those 5% minority are agitating to have their own country. Anybody who has any hope from this listless government is wasting his time.

Cheta Okorafor