Strive Masiyiwa, the boss and owner Econet Wireless and a Zimbabwean, one of the richest men in the world, revealed the corrupt ways of Nigerian leaders. He specifically mentioned two ex-governors in the names of Ibori of Delta and Attah of Akwa Ibom States. Ibori threatened to chase Strive and his company out of Nigeria, Attah offered to sell the shares of his state to Strive and to use a special vehicle to divert these funds to his private accounts. As you know, Ibori is languishing in a jail in the UK, while the late President Yaradua’s administration, refused to extradite Attah to the UK to stand trial.


There has been allegations of corrupt practices against former head of states and presidents but none have been tried and convicted because of the immunity clause in our constitution. Babaginda, Abacha and Obasanjo are former leaders who are alleged to be very corrupt during their administration. Abacha’s loot are still being recovered several years after his death and our current president told the nation that Abacha was not corrupt. Yet the loot stashed away in foreign accounts in Abacha’s name, are finding their way back into the covers of the nation’s treasury.

Our political leaders, elected or appointed into positions of power divert the nation’s treasury through the aide of third party people, civil servants and business men and women to foreign accounts. These people also allow unqualified individuals to rip off their fellow citizens. Nigerians are really suffering and the rascals in government are not doing anything about it and they don’t care. These robbers in high places, have us were they want us and they are using our ethnic differences to keep us in place. If a certain person is caught or alleged to be stealing from the national cake, his tribe or ethnic group will come out to defend him or her. We know that the northners also steal our monies and divert these funds to Arabian banks but our southern brothers divert theirs to western banks were the monies can be easily tracked. Northerners also control the illegal change due bereau market that sells foreign currencies in the black market and the CBN does nothing to checkmate these people and yet the CBN claims they want to protect the Naira.

President Buhari got elected into power due to the ethnic indifference in the nation. He has already selected the government he will probe for corrupt practices which is the Jonathan administration. Good luck to him. This is my take on Buhari’s fight against corruption, probe past governments from 1960 till date and if not, try and unite Nigerians of which I know you can’t because you are a god damn ethnic jingoist!

Cheta Okorafor


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