Chelsea will host Arsenal in a London derby game and they must win this game to move up the standing on the league table or languish at the bottom in their worst start in an EPL season. Chelsea has lost three games to current table toppers Manchester City, Crystal Palace and Everton. Mourinho hasn’t lost to Wenger’s side in the EPL since Mourinho has been in charge, but he lost to Arsenal in the Charity Cup match 1-0, from an Oxlade-Chamberlain first half goal.

chelsea v arsenal

Arsenal lost to Dynamo Zagreb 2-1 on Wednesday, while Chelsea beat Maccabi Hafia 4-0 in the UEFA Champions league. In the game against Stoke, Arsenal had 29 shots, 12 were on target an Arsenal only managed to score 2 goals. In the game against Dynamo Zagreb, Arsenal had 13 shots and 5 were on target and they only converted 1 goal. A team that creates chances and still finds it difficult to score is not a great team. Arsenal has a huge problem this season. They have 3 major players on the injury list. Rosicky, Wilshere and Welbeck are all out until Christmas. This would be a problem for the Manager Arsene Wenger. He failed to buy players this season. Chelsea might win this one again. Chelsea manager, Mourinho asked reporters to stop asking him questions about being under pressure and asked them to go google his credentials rather than ask him questions that bother him. He sure answered their questions when his team, were they only English team to win their Champions league opening match.

the last time this two met the bridge they had this confrontation. would they do it again?

the last time this two met the bridge they had this confrontation. would they do it again?

In other matches coming up this weekend, Manchester United would go away to Southamton, Manchester City’s lead would be put to the test by West Ham at the Etihad Stadium. Watch out for West Ham players, Payet and Victor Moses.


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