Being intimate without sex is very possible. All it takes is sacrifice!

Being intimate without sex is very possible. All it takes is sacrifice!

We have treated the first part of how to be intimate without sex. This is a follow up article of the first part of the same topic. Sorry I took long to write this.

Part 2: Having Fun Together

a.Make a date of watching the sky.

coupl star gazing

Whether you’re watching a sunset, sunrise, or creating your own constellations as you stargaze together, getting outside and looking up at the sky is a great way for the two of you to bond and become more intimate. This kind of activity gives you lots of time for talking and bonding on a level that might even be more intimate than sex alone, which makes it a great alternative to sex.

For example, make a date of stargazing. Watch a couple of your favorite movies together to help you stay up, and then take some tasty snacks, a couple of warm drinks, and some music out to a place where you can get a great look at the night sky. Lay out on a blanket together and come up with your own constellations and stories to go with them as you enjoy whatever you brought with you.
b.Look at pictures together.

Looking at pictures of your childhood and the people that were important to you is a very intimate act. When you discuss the things that mattered to you and the events and people that led you to become who you are, you reveal a lot of vulnerabilities to your partner. Showing your weaknesses in an inherently intimate act, that is emotionally significant for the exact same reasons that sex is, making this a great alternative or supplement to a more physical relationship.

c.Exercise together.


Exercising together also puts you in a vulnerable position…except that exercising is sort of a special case, because it’s sexy (sexier than you think!) and vulnerable at the same time. Exercise makes our bodies mimic the physical appearance of sex, making you look sexy to your partner when you work out even if you feel really gross (never mind the fact that studies have shown that the smell of fresh sweat is very attractive . However, both you and your partner will realize that it might be an opportunity to see flaws in each other, and that vulnerability also makes exercising together a really intimate act.
If you want to give this a try to you want to make it as sexy as possible, try going for a swim together at a local pool. Challenge each other to see who can swim the fastest from one side of the pool to the other.
If you don’t know how to introduce the idea of exercising together to your partner, or you’re worried they might take it the wrong way, try saying something like, “I want to start going to the gym but I get really lonely and bored and then I stop going. Would you be willing to also start going so that I have some sexy company?”

d. Do an art project together.

When you ask most people about sexy art projects, most people will think of that scene from Ghost but the history of creating art as an intimate act goes back a lot further than Patrick Swayze’s borderline-mullet. Creating a piece of art is like making a child and when you do it right, it reveals a lot about your soul and who you are as a person.
For example, you can work together to create two paintings: one that you can put above your bed and one that your partner can put above theirs. This way you feel like you have something of them that you can look at as you fall asleep.
Another option would be to save up a year’s worth of date receipts, movie stubs, photographs, and other paper ephemera and then decoupage them into an artistic journal cover. You can then trade the journal back and forth, writing about your personal thoughts about each date you go on, writing each other poetry, or even just writing each other letters in the journal.

e. Read a book together.

couple reading

I love this because I love reading. Reading a book together is a great way to bond, feel physically close, and get intimate in a way that goes beyond sex. We’re not just talking about reading a book at the same time here either (although you can totally do that!). Sit down together, wrapped up in each other’s arms, and take turns reading a chapter or a page aloud. If you’re not the best out-loud readers, you can also read the page silently and then signal when you’re ready for a page turn. With the right book, i.e. one you both really like, this is a very intimate activity and it gives you a lot to talk about later.
This intimate activity can be preceded by another one: going to a bookstore together. Go shopping together to find a book that you both think sounds great.
Don’t feel limited to books either. While a whole, traditional book will give you many opportunities to do this activity (because it’s long), you can also read things like comics and graphic novels. These are shorter and might work as a better introductory experience.


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