President Buhari on Monthday, the 17th of August, 2015, directed the ministries of Industry, Trade and Investment and Finance and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and other relevant government agencies to evolve before next year’s budget, new policies to boost domestic manufacturing. He also stated that he would abandon or reverse some economic policies inherited from the former government if that would help in creating more jobs for Nigerian youths.

President Buhari

President Buhari

Majority of Igbo traders are into the importation of foreign goods and products into Nigeria. Past governments have tried to ban some of these products to boost the related industries concerned but Igbo traders and Igbos from all works of live have been against it. They allege it as further marginalization of the Igbos. It is time we embraced this policy. Nigeria needs to manufacture the goods and services its people need. We can’t continue importing foreign goods into the country, thereby creating more jobs for people from who these products come from. The President stated that the textile industry employed over 350,000 people in the eighties but now employed not more than 30,000 people today. I can recall that former president Goodluck Jonathan revived this industry with bailout funds, even though this present administration doesn’t appreciate him.

The point I am making is this, Igbos (I am one of you), should stop importing foreign products and start manufacturing them in igboland. Yes, in igboland and only igboland. I don’t think Dangote’s factories are situated in the East, so why would igbo’s situate theirs in the west or north?If we build our manufacturing factories in the east, we will create more jobs for our sons and daughters, we will have more igbo sons and daughters as executives of major companies in Nigeria. We will create new basic infrastructures like good roads and railways and air ports and river ports (especially the one in Onitsha) to transport our manufactured goods and products to different parts of the country and Africa. The mining industry is one industry that has been neglected by past governments and this is one industry igbo entrepreneurs should venture into. We also need to venture into agriculture, because these two industries can produce by products needed in the manufacturing industry.

Igbos, we are entrepreneurs. Let us show the world what we are capable of doing. Ignore immature rants from other tribes that hate and despise us. They can do all they want to deny us of our rights because they are scared we will deny them the riches that come from our lands (oil and gas), but we are over-comers. Let us embrace manufacturing and abandon the importation of foreign goods.



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