There are lots of ways that you can be truly intimate with a person that do not include sex at all. If you want to either keep sex from being initiated because you’re not ready, or you want to slow down your relationship and make it more meaningful, you need to find a fulfilling way to have a relationship. You can do so by following the steps below:


1. Breathe together:  Breathing together can be extremely sexy and very intimate. Start by lying down in bed together, on your sides, facing each other, with your faces just a few inches apart. Then let silence fill the spaces between you as you sync your breathing with your partner’s. The air you breathe will become the air that your partner breathes (romantic right). When you feel completely in sync, this becomes a great time to talk and have those deep conversations that seem so difficult when you’re out around other people.

2. Kiss them like they’ve never been kissed before: These days, relationships seem to move so fast that some people forget that there used to be bases between hand holding and sex. Don’t neglect the importance of a solid make-out: you need to know that you and your partner can really sync up those passionate kisses before getting under the sheets. Practice your kissing technique and don’t be afraid to really let the passion in and experiment.

For example, try nibbling their ear or kissing their neck, in between sessions with their delicious lips. Lick a line down their neck and blow on it softly. The cool sensation will blow their mind.

3. Take hand holding to a new level: Don’t just hold their hand awkwardly as you sit together on the couch. Make hand holding more intimate by exploring their hands with yours. Trail your fingers along their fingers, spell out love notes into their palms, and kiss the tips of each of their fingers as they’re inter-laced with yours. This is sexy without the sex and a great intimate activity.

4. Have a relaxing nap in their arms: This may be old-fashioned, but a lot of people have forgotten how intimate, relaxing, and wonderful this can be. With your partner’s head in your lap, you can give them a massage or scratch their head. You can also do even more intimate activities, like brushing or braiding their hair. This activity gives you time to talk as well, or you can just enjoy this relaxing activity in silence.

5. Make eye contact: When you do any activity, you should be sure to make strong eye contact with your partner. We communicate a lot of feelings through the expressions in our eyes, and when you spend a lot of time trying to avoid eye contact (because you’re embarrassed or shy), you miss out on a lot of opportunities to tell your partner how much they mean to you without saying anything at all.

6. Consider foreplay: You might not want to have sex, but there are sexual activities that you can do together that involve many of the same feelings and sensations without the actual act. These can allow you to be intimate, without worrying about some of the consequences of full sex.

If you do decide to do foreplay activities, however, it’s important to remember that while they may not be able to get you pregnant, some activities can still come with risks. Make sure you practice safe sex, even when you’re not having “real” sex.

Soon we will discuss step two, which is how to have fun together! If you have any comments please, let’s have them.


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