Recently we are having fuel scarcity in major cities across Nigeria at a time we will be having a transition to a new government on May 29th, 2015. Major oil marketers are holding the nation to ransom and the outgoing government seem not to care. The long queues are back. Road transport users are increasing their fares and making life unbearable for the common man. Most state governments are yet to pay state workers their April salaries and they are pointing fingers at the Federal Government. They have stolen state funds to run their election campaigns at the detriment of the people and now they are pointing fingers at each other like children.

President Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan

Did we place these people to make things easier for us or did they get there to satisfy their pockets? Most of these fools have built substandard infrastructures in their states and they are being celebrated by the indigenes living in these states. The minister of aviation labeled the Asaba airport in Delta State as substandard but the state government spent billions of dollars building that airport. The Akwa Ibom State government, built infrastructures everywhere but the one that makes me mad is the stadium he built in the rural areas in that state. The state football club Akwa Ibom United, play in the Uyo township stadium and nobody, even the Super Eagles play any match there. The last match that was played there in which we lost 1-0 to the cranes of Uganda, the stadium was virtually empty. Why build things that people would not use? Why do we allow these fools in government steal from us?

Last week I visited the state liaison offices of some states on Victoria Island in Lagos and you believe that most of these states have converted their liaison offices into residential apartments. And nobody is asking questions. People are being paid for doing nothing, wasting our valuable resources. Most of these states even own football clubs and this is a sure means of siphoning state funds and making sure that the boys feed fat.

Buhari and Tinubu

Buhari and Tinubu

Most we continue to allow these fools steal from us? We need to party politics in Nigeria. This is the only way we can checkmate these politicians and stop them from stealing our money. The parties they are in is just a front for them to be involved in organised stealing and corruption. When we have independent candidates, nobody will steal from state and federal funds to sponsor all their party candidates. Yet INEC is not checkmating these parties. Both the APC and the PDP, steal from state funds to sponsor the parties. We must also insist that each candidates runs a single tenure and not stand to be re-elected to any position.

Join the facebook page Banpartypoliticsinnigeria, so that we can start a campaign to stop this theft in high places.



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