Over the weekend I had a chat with a female friend of mine and we chatted over issues related to men and women. I mentioned that girls these days have high expectations of the type of men the want. She told me that men also have high expectations of the type of women they want too. I then made her know that women these days want so many things from men before the choose the man they will settle down with. A young women who comes from a humble background would want to have a man who can pay her bills and all her needs. Even some girls who come from not well to do backgrounds, move out of the house to follow their female friends who influence them to live a sophisticated and extravagant life. Most of them are forced into prostitution to maintain their preferred lifestyles. But do women need to spend more to look good? I basically don’t think so! I am of the thought of school that expects a woman to look good. There are still cheap quality make up materials in the market. Buying costly materials don’t make sense. But girls always want the best and most costly make up materials so that they can show off and impress their friends.

My friend then made me realize something. Most men go for sophisticated women, especially guys whose bank accounts are not that fat or big. So these guys who don’t have fat accounts then would want these ladies to come down to their level. Hmmmmm, I think that is a true. We guys are proud and guys who have money would like to make their women look good but this comes with ridicule and insults. They would brag about it and go after more women. While guys who don’t have money as I said before, would want the lady to come down to their level, that is if she comes from a wealthy background.

I then ask, what really makes women live above their means? Why would guys go all out to impress a woman even when they know they don’t have what it takes to maintain that extravagant lifestyle? I have even witnessed a guy damage his friends vehicle because he wanted to go all out to impress his female friend? Why do women look for men who go for men who live above board? Why can’t a woman look for guys who they can grow with? Why can’t guys also seek out ladies who they are in the same level with and grow with them? Why can’t we all just get along?

Seeking that partner who completes you is quite difficult. But both sexes have high expectations of the other, be it sex, money, companionship, faithfulness, trust etc.

Who do you think has high expectations of the other most?! The woman? The man? Who do you think?




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