I think all movie lovers should watch this movie. This is the sequel to Taken and Taken 2, the mega-killing spree movie you have been used to. Remember the super skilled navy seal, who goes on a killing spree, killing people who kidnapped members of his family, this movie takes a new turn. Rather than get kidnapped, somebody gets killed.


After a brief visit with his daughter, Kim, Bryan Mills is met by his former wife, Lenore. She tells him that she and husband, Stuart St. John, are having marital problems. She has rekindled romantic feelings for Bryan who refuses to become involved while she is still married. Later, Stuart warns Bryan to stay away from Lenore.

The following day, Lenore texts Bryan asking to meet him. Bryan agrees, but upon returning to his apartment discovers Lenore’s body. Almost immediately, the Los Angeles Police Department arrives to arrest Bryan on suspicion of murder. Bryan escapes and sets out to investigate the homicide. Meanwhile, LAPD Inspector Franck Dotzler, who quickly becomes familiar with Bryan’s unique background, heads the manhunt to capture Bryan.

Bryan recovers weapons and electronics from a secure location, and then retraces Lenore’s footsteps just prior to her murder. At a convenience store, he recovers surveillance footage of Lenore being abducted by unidentified men. LAPD detectives arrive and unknown to them, Bryan allows himself to be arrested, then commandeers the police car to access LAPD’s computer system from the vehicle’s laptop to analyze information.

Later, Bryan meets with Kim on her college campus and he removes a surveillance bug that was unknowingly placed on her by the LAPD. She tells him about Stuart’s bodyguards. Bryan abducts and interrogates Stuart, who reveals that his debt to an ex-KGB Spetsnaz and Afghan War veteran operative named Oleg Malankov was the probable motive for Lenore’s murder.

With assistance from his CIA colleagues and a reluctant Stuart, Bryan gains entry to Malankov’s heavily-guarded suite. After killing the guard, he mortally wounds Malankov, who says that Stuart had played both men against each other. Meanwhile, Stuart shoots Sam and abducts Kim, intending to flee the country with the 12 million dollars he’s collected from Lenore’s life insurance policy. Bryan chases Stuart to the airport just as Stuart’s plane is being prepared for takeoff. After disabling the plane, Bryan overpowers Stuart, telling Stuart he will spend time in prison for his involvement in Lenore’s murder. Bryan tells Stuart that he will later answer for her death. Dotzler and the LAPD arrive and arrest Stuart.

In the aftermath of Stuart’s arrest, Kim, who is pregnant, informs Bryan that she wants to name her baby Lenore, after her mother.


Liam Neeson, Forest Whitaker, Maggie Grace, Femke Janssen, Dougray Scott, Sam Spruell, Leland Orser, Jon Gres, Jonny Weston and Dylan Bruno.

taken 3


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