A Bland Taste of American Equality!

America is still a John Crow law country!


me again

Before I even touched the handle of the entrance door, both of them – gun-wielding white cops – simultaneously beckoned on me to use the other entrance door. The other entrance door leads directly to the Department of Transitional Assistance where poor families, comprising mainly of people of colour are provided with food stamps. Being my first day at work, I had ignorantly used that other entrance door the previous day and spent forty minutes on a queue to undergo the routine security checks. That was 40 minutes of my work time wasted on a mere queue!

So, by merely being black, the cops, I suppose, imagined I had come for the usual handouts. I ignored their directives to use the “other entrance door” and introduced myself as an attorney that works on the 3rd floor of the building. Simultaneously again, they sized me up, casting doubtful glances at me…

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