Una merry xmas o! Today na boxing day and e go soon shele for EPL by 1.45pm today . Better premier league matches dey today and two match wey stand out today na Chelsea wey go play West Ham for dem home, stamford bridge by 1.45pm. West Ham been beat leicester 2-0 and na Andy Carol and Steward Downing wey scored dem goal. Chelsea beat Stoke city 2-0 for Stoke dem home for Monday night. Chelsea dey top league and West Ham dem place four but 11 points comot dem from each other. West Ham no easy to beat but I sure say Chelsea go win.

Anoda tough match today na Manchester United and dem Newcastle. Manchester don win dem last match before dem draw for Aston Villa house 1-1. Newcastle don lose to Arsenal and Sunderland. Na Man Utd go win dis one. Match na 3pm.

Other matches wey go shele na Burnley/Liverpool. Balotelli go return for liverpool today. Crystal Palace go play Southampton, Everton go play Stoke City, Leicester go play Tottenham Hot Spurs, Sunderland go play Hull City, Swansea go play Aston Villa and West Brom go play Manchester City. All dem match go happen for 3pm.

Dem last match for EPL today na Arsenal wey go play QPR. Remember say Liverpool dem take Arsenal shine last sunday wen Liverpool wey dem dey 10 men tek equalize for dem 97 minute for extra time, with powerful header wey dem defender Skirtel tek score. We go see as Arsenal go tek recover. Liverpool play Arsenal ball and na luck wen dem come score 2-1 before Liverpool come do dem sara! QPR na strong people sha. For Sunday, Arsenal go meet anoda london team West Ham. Dem nid to win dis match anyhow. Match go shele by 5.30pm.

How una dey celebrate una xmas. Hope una dey enjoy? Merry xmas and happy new year to una. Una do o!! Abeg like this blog and share am to una twitter, googleplus and facebook o!


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