Liverpool won take Arsenal shine again. As e happen last season Liverpool take Arsenal do yeye!! Dem beat Arsenal 5-2. But as Arsenal dey hot now, e go hard for Liverpool to beat Arsenal like dat again. Dey match go shele again tomorrow wey be sunday by 4 o’clock. Liverpool coach don yarn say Raheem Sterling na him Sanchez. We go see how dat one take be so. Balotelli fit no play tomorrow sha, as him don get ban for wetin him write wey “oyibo pepper” racism! Arsenal no go put Oxlade-chamberlain for field becos him get injury but Theo Walcott fit play.

As him dey happen now, Manchester City dey play Crystal Palace and if Manchester City win, dem go replace Chelsea for top until Chelsea dem play for monday against Stoke City. Other matches wey go happen today na Aston Villa/Manchester United, Hull City/Swansea, QPR/West Brom, Southampton/Everton, Tottenham/Burnley, Westham/Leicester City.

Tomorrow wey be sunday, Newcastle go play Sunderland, Liverpool go meet Arsenal and for Monday, Stoke City go play Chelsea.


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