Una merry xmas o! Today na boxing day and e go soon shele for EPL by 1.45pm today . Better premier league matches dey today and two match wey stand out today na Chelsea wey go play West Ham for dem home, stamford bridge by 1.45pm. West Ham been beat leicester 2-0 and na Andy Carol and Steward Downing wey scored dem goal. Chelsea beat Stoke city 2-0 for Stoke dem home for Monday night. Chelsea dey top league and West Ham dem place four but 11 points comot dem from each other. West Ham no easy to beat but I sure say Chelsea go win.

Anoda tough match today na Manchester United and dem Newcastle. Manchester don win dem last match before dem draw for Aston Villa house 1-1. Newcastle don lose to Arsenal and Sunderland. Na Man Utd go win dis one. Match na 3pm.

Other matches wey go shele na Burnley/Liverpool. Balotelli go return for liverpool today. Crystal Palace go play Southampton, Everton go play Stoke City, Leicester go play Tottenham Hot Spurs, Sunderland go play Hull City, Swansea go play Aston Villa and West Brom go play Manchester City. All dem match go happen for 3pm.

Dem last match for EPL today na Arsenal wey go play QPR. Remember say Liverpool dem take Arsenal shine last sunday wen Liverpool wey dem dey 10 men tek equalize for dem 97 minute for extra time, with powerful header wey dem defender Skirtel tek score. We go see as Arsenal go tek recover. Liverpool play Arsenal ball and na luck wen dem come score 2-1 before Liverpool come do dem sara! QPR na strong people sha. For Sunday, Arsenal go meet anoda london team West Ham. Dem nid to win dis match anyhow. Match go shele by 5.30pm.

How una dey celebrate una xmas. Hope una dey enjoy? Merry xmas and happy new year to una. Una do o!! Abeg like this blog and share am to una twitter, googleplus and facebook o!




The dearth inn basic infrastructure in Nigeria, is a major business opportunity itself. We need cheap and affordable homes, good road networks, inter and intra city railway networks, functioning seaports and river way ports and airports. Constructing these facilities would cost huge sums of money, but on the good run, it would provide huge solutions to our economic problems in Nigeria.

In the real estate industry, the major problem in owning a house in Nigeria is not the provision or the availability of the house itself, but the high cost of owning or renting a house. The problem here is mere greed. Why would a house that costs N120,000.00 (one hundred and twenty thousand naira) a year, for a self-contained apartment (one room, kitchen and rest room), cost up to N220,000 (two hundred and twenty thousand naira) in it’s first year, because of an agent and agreement fee, made to paid by the person seeking the accommodation. The individual is also made to pay a registration fee of maybe N1,000 to N5,000 which is non-refundable.

An entrepreneur is in business to provide solutions to his/her customers problems before they pay you for the products and services you provide. People need cheap and affordable houses. So if you need to be a landlord, think about your tenants/clients and not your pocket. The biggest problem being faced in the real estate industry are the real estate agents. So a landlord needs to establish a real estate agency company and not just construct houses for rent. If they do, they would not just create houses/homes/business or shop complexes for rent/purchase but they would also create jobs too. This would reduce the high level of corruption in the industry. We need the government to privatize the real estate industry so that we can identify the major players in this industry as we see those in the telecommunications industry. Once again, the solution in the real estate industry is to provide cheap and affordable homes by removing the illegal agent and agreement fees. If you are a real estate agent then you need to place fees for your services and ensure that you give the individual results. If you are a landlord, place fees for other services, like utility maintenance bills.

In the transportation business, the problem that exists in this industry is that there are less transportation links for users in all sectors in the industry. We need more roads, more railway lines, more sea ports and inland water way ports and more airports in Nigeria. There are a lot of congestions in the various sectors of the transportation industry. People can spend hours in congested transport links nationwide. The federal government of Nigeria intends to build railway lines linking each neighboring state capitals in the country and this would improve the nature of transportation business in Nigeria. We also need more seaports in Nigeria to decongest the congested Apapa seaport in Lagos. We need at least two more seaports to be built in lagos, maybe in Lekki and Badagry, at least seaports in all the states bordering the Atlantic ocean. Also, all state capitals in Nigeria should have local airports too.

In a city like Lagos,




Liverpool won take Arsenal shine again. As e happen last season Liverpool take Arsenal do yeye!! Dem beat Arsenal 5-2. But as Arsenal dey hot now, e go hard for Liverpool to beat Arsenal like dat again. Dey match go shele again tomorrow wey be sunday by 4 o’clock. Liverpool coach don yarn say Raheem Sterling na him Sanchez. We go see how dat one take be so. Balotelli fit no play tomorrow sha, as him don get ban for wetin him write wey “oyibo pepper” racism! Arsenal no go put Oxlade-chamberlain for field becos him get injury but Theo Walcott fit play.

As him dey happen now, Manchester City dey play Crystal Palace and if Manchester City win, dem go replace Chelsea for top until Chelsea dem play for monday against Stoke City. Other matches wey go happen today na Aston Villa/Manchester United, Hull City/Swansea, QPR/West Brom, Southampton/Everton, Tottenham/Burnley, Westham/Leicester City.

Tomorrow wey be sunday, Newcastle go play Sunderland, Liverpool go meet Arsenal and for Monday, Stoke City go play Chelsea.