Do you have the desire to be an entrepreneur? I know you have that dream to own your own business one day. Many business people today venture into the business world just because someone else is good at it or is making money from the said business but I have come to discover that if you need to make it in business you need to be creative. Being creative is not that difficult but in our part of the world, we don’t sit down and think. Most of us venture into things in our lives just because of the need to survive, that is why we do not have specific products and services that define us as a people..

Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being. Creativity requires passion and commitment. It brings to our awareness what was previously hidden and points to new life. The experience is one of heightened consciousness: ecstasy. A product is creative when it is novel and appropriate. A novel product is original not predictable. The bigger the concept, and the more the product stimulates further work and ideas, the more the product is creative.

Three Nigerian companies that had creative entrepreneurs are Jobberman, Nairaland and Jumia. These are the three leading websites that has created a trend in Nigeria and our online or internet industry. They created new ways to find jobs, share their views and source for information and purchase goods online. This has helped in changing the lifestyles of Nigerians. Another company that has helped in changing the lifestyles of ordinary Nigerians is Shoprite. One thing that enabled the creators of these organisations to succeed is that they were creative. The found a new way of doing the same old things. They sat down to think. We find it hard to think in Nigeria. We rush into things because we are in haste to get things done. That is why we keep referring Nigerians to the term “fire brigade mentality”.

One thing I have learnt is that big companies today started small. Toyota, the worlds biggest car manufacturing company was started in a carriage and Mr.Toyoda, created a device that would help car users to save fuel consumption but the company he approached rebuffed him. The creators of Google decided to create a search engine for online websites and they made it easy for us to search for websites that have information on things we need. Bill Gates created a software that made it easy for us to use the computer and he was rebuffed by the world’s biggest computer manufacturers of that time IBM. Today all the companies listed above are big companies and well sought after by investors.

So as a creative entrepreneur you need to think about an idea that would solve a problem in Nigeria. You can do this by discovering a need in your community. Search for a problem people have in your community, society or state and try to create news ways to solve that problem. We have a lot of problems in Nigeria. We need a lot of things in Nigeria and yet we can’t get it. Housing is one thing. If Nigerians can get accommodation they can pay for on a monthly basis without paying for agent and agreement fees they will be happy. Water and electricity supply is another thing we need in Nigeria. Good transportation networks in all three sectors of that industry (roads, rail, air and sea or water ways) is also an area that Nigerians want improved facilities.

We need creative entrepreneurs in Nigeria and the time is now.creative


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