Technology is a problem solver and there is no other place technology solutions are needed more than in Africa.
However, smart Africans, mostly Nigerians have taken the opportunity presented by technology to move the continent as several initiatives geared towards placing Africa permanently on the global map sprout every day.

Just recently a group of tech savvy Africans sat down to think out a way to solve the perennial transportation problem in Africa. Tagged AfroCab, the initiative comes in form of online app that allows its users order a cab from anywhere they are in Lagos or Abuja. The app is currently available on Android phones and the web platform. Promoters of the app say other versions will be rolled out by the end of this year.

Apparently to create more awareness to this initiative, they are offering free rides worth N3500 each to 1000 people.
Beneficiaries are the next 1000 people who download AfroCab’s ride-hailing app. They will get first ride for free.

Those who are Interested in the offer are only said to simply require to download the app and use the code GETAFRO within the next seven days.

The app helps the user set own price, before calling a cab. This is primarily because the app will suggest fares to be paid depending on your location and intended destination. This means that the user can choose car type to fit his or her budget.

It gives the user opportunity to pay the driver at the end of the ride. It also provides for safe and secure ride as the user is made to know the driver, his name, license number and photograph before hand.

The site provides for online map which gives the user opportunity to trace movement of his driver before they meet.
Although AfroCab is currently only available in Lagos, it already has up to 99 cabs on its stables.




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