STOP!!! I really didn’t mean it that way you know. But do you know that the relationship between you and your customer is like a love relationship? Yeah it is, duhhhhhh!!!!! Your business relationship with your customer is like your relationship with your lover. Both of you can not seem to get over each other and when the relationship dies, it is quite hard or difficult to get it over with.

You need to appreciate your customers in 2014 and if you don’t know how to do that, after reading this article you will learn how. First of all, do you really know who your customer is? When we venture into a business, we think every potential customer out their will do business with us but that isn’t so. Some days would be good while some days might be quite boring. So it’s best to really know who we are dealing with. There are two kinds of customers out there. The first is your business to business (b-2-b) customers and the second is your business to customer (b-2-c) or end-user customer. The first is a company while the later is an individual. A greater number of individual make up a company, while an individual can lead to a network of other individuals like a family or community.

You sell to a company by writing them a business proposal suggesting to them what solutions your products and services could provide to them. If your business doesn’t offer solutions then there is a problem. You need to be creative when writing. If they like what is in your proposal they may call you to pitch on it and make their orders. You sell to the individual by pitching your products or services to them and this takes a lot of creativity to close a deal.

So now you know who your customer is. It now lies on you rewarding them. You can do this by offering bonuses if they order in bulk. Also, you can give them discounts if they make bulk orders, give them gifts during holidays or special days. You need to think creatively because what you are offering them in return would determine whether they would keep on doing business with you or not.

Have a great business year in 2014!


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