I grew up hearing a lot about this wise saying, “health is wealth”, but it seems to me that the individual who made this quote, ought to have put it in this way, “wealth is health”. People who have a greater earning power, have better access to professional and luxury health care services these days than those who don’t. Even with the poor state of the health care sector in Nigeria, were the primary and secondary health care sectors are virtually non-existent, you can enjoy the best medical services in Nigeria, even if you earn a minimum monthly wage of N18,000.

Don’t believe me? Let me explain. Ever heard of health insurance? If you do, you are in luck. People who work for government organizations and corporate organizations benefit from this services, because these organizations pay for these services. But a lot of private business people or entrepreneurs are yet to benefit from these services, maybe because they do not want to have more expenses. Remember, you need to keep physically fit and remain healthy throughout the year, to effectively run your business, especially when you are a solo-preneur (a one man business owner).

What then is a health insurance service. Insurance in law and economics, is a form of risk management, primarily used to protect or hedge against the risk of a loss. We all suffer losses due to poor health. So this type of insurance enables you to afford the best medical services in the land without spending so much money. Yes, some health care services are free in some state owned government hospitals or health centers, but what if the doctors or nurses would go on strike, or there aren’t enough beds. This is were your health insurance comes in handy.

One specific health management organization that provide this services is MULTISHIELD LTD, owned by AIICO INSURANCE PLC. With a minimum of N12,000 each year, you can enjoy the best medical services you ever asked for. A list of the medical services you stand to enjoy are as follows;

– Out patient consultations,
– Specialist consultations,
– Supply of prescribed drugs,
– Preventive health care services,
– Laboratory investigations (tests),
– Radiological investigations (tests),
– Admission,
– Maternity (antenatal and delivery services),
– Minor and intermediate surgeries,
– Routine immunization,
– Extended immunization,
– Eye examination as part of general medical care,
– Primary dental care,
– Provision of lenses with frames or contact lens,
– Emerging cover nationwide,
– Annual medical screening,
– Direct access to dentists and ophthalmologists.

There are several plans which include;

– Standard plan N12,000/year,
– Executive plan N16,500/year,
– Super executive plan N28,500/year,
– Magnum plan N88,000/year.

With executive, super-executive and magnum health plans, you enjoy at least more than 70% of the services mentioned. Also with the magnum health plan, you can be flown overseas for that special treatment. So what are you waiting for. Do you need a plan? Call Cheta on 08122351449 or add to your BBM contact 2323F358 for more information.



  1. Nice one! Wish everybody could embrace this method because our health sector is really nothing to write home about. They know it that’s why they choose to fly abroad for medical treatment any time they’re sick. Its a shame!


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