Happy new year to you all. This is my first post to my blog in 2014 and as I earlier stated in one of my articles, I would be writing on business and lifestyle topics only. It is better to set a niche for yourself in this game than join others in doing the same thing.

We have started a new year in earnest and we all want to succeed in our business and endeavors. One sure way we can do so is by increasing our customer base through advertisements. This is a form of marketing that enables us to meet other customers or clients. There are so many ways to let your clients know about the products and services you offer. This include the following platforms; radio, television, social media (facebook, twitter, blogs), text messages, flyers/hand bills. As a small business person you need to know which platform is cheaper and affordable for you. As your business grows, your outreach increases.

As I mentioned earlier, I am only writing stories about business people and their businesses. The best way to let people learn about your business is to tell them how you started your business and then they would start making asking about the services and products you offer. Remember, people are more interested about what the business is in for them. We call it the W3FM or W.I.I.I.F.M (what is in it for me)! Nobody would purchase your services or products if it doesn’t solve a problem they have. So if you would want me to write a feature story about you and your business, please call me on 08122351449 or on BBM 2323f358. I am not costly, believe me! Happy new year and a wonderful business year to you!


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