I am seeking a fund of $3,000 (three thousand U.S dollars) to turn my blog, into a business and lifestyle online magazine/website.

We do not have a business and lifestyle magazine in Nigeria, whether it is on print or on media or on the internet. Yes we do have several websites and blogs that are based on entertainment and lifestyle and politics but this is different. The new website would expose the successful businesses, lifestyles and attitudes of Nigerian business men and women, which we hope would empower Nigerian people, especially youths in starting the business of their dreams. The website would also hope to reveal the business opportunities in Nigeria.


I am seeking funds to turn my blog into a business and lifestyle magazine and the total amount of money I need is $3,000. The money is needed to obtain the following items;

– laptop,
– website,
– internet connection,
– voice recorder,
– digital camcorder,
– external hard drive,
– advertisement,
– transportation,
– insurance,
– and other costs.


I would be giving you a monthly copy of my e-magazine every month and would feature each donor in my magazine.

Please, assist me in realizing this dream because it would not only create a job and earning income opportunity for me but it would also assist unemployed Nigerian youths, who desperately need jobs.

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