I have to admit a draw was a fair result on Sunday. I wasn’t pleased with a point because I always have regrets when we don’t win, but we were losing and then West Brom had chances to score again. After we came back to 1-1 we had the chances to score a second goal of our own but overall I thought we showed spirit to come back. Sunday was the first time we have conceded the first goal in a game this season so it was a test of character, and one that we passed. West Brom impressed me, they have many players who can run with the ball and they defended very well. You could see why they won at Manchester United because they have good pace in every position and they have a big squad too. Jack Wilshere scored his first league goal for a while and he also showed character. He had a difficult first half when he was fouled a lot but he kept going until the end and got his reward. He also gave some great passes which almost brought us a winner. Jack is honest about his scoring record and I don’t think he will ever be a prolific goalscorer, but he is a player who can create chances for others. In our job it’s quite simple, you need players who score and players who give the ball to those who score. He is more in the second category than the first.It helps if you can do both so Sunday was a positive moment for Jack. And of course we had the same issue with Aaron Ramsey a while ago and suddenly scoring comes naturally to him.At the end of a difficult game we are at the top of the league and that is important with the international break upon us. It gives us mental comfort to avoid defeat after going behind and we look in a good position after two tough away games.The mentality of champions is built up through the season and I believe that we can do that if we continue to focus on the way we want to play. We have desire, we have the spirit but we are only in October.In March and April you can show that you have the mentality of champions but at the moment it’s early so let’s just concentrate on extending our unbeaten run.Thanks for your support.

Arsène Wenger

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