The honeymoon should be a perfect getaway for two—a time for fun, relaxation, and seduction. Yes, seduction. As the hype of your wedding day comes to an end, you’ll
want to get in the mood and celebrate with your new hubby or wife. Here are a few sexy things to do on your honeymoon.


I know it is totally not in our culture to watch the sunrise or sunset or even go on a moonlighting, but I remember when we sat under the full moon listening to our older ones tell us stories as little kids back then in the village. It even has a romantic sense to it if you and your hubby could sit under the moon with a bottle of red wine before you’d go back to your rooms. You could even have a great view from your room, lying down lazily on your bed watching the sunrise over the oceanic horizon. Wished I could just watch the sun rise up or go down over the ocean than watch it on television or see it in pictures. Watching the sun rise up can be medicinal before you go back under the sheets, you know!


One of you could meet a waiter or hotel staff to arrange a surprise breakfast or candle lit dinner. Most people appreciate the thoughtfulness and planning behind a good surprise. Wake up before your partner or just excuse your partner and either leave a note and instruct your partner on were he or she could meet you. You can wait for him or her dressed exquisitely and with a sumptuous meal!!!


There’s something totally hot about ordering up the menu, having trays of delicious food delivered straight to your room, and devouring it in bed while watching a great movie. If you have a patio overlooking a nice view, here is also a great place to enjoy a meal and take in all the beauty around you. Be served like royalty while you have the chance!


Lingerie adds an element of excitement and seduction in the bedroom. You can put together several sexy outfits to wear for your man (although they will likely be taken off right way). You should definitely have at least one all-white outfit, to initiate the feeling of a first time. You also can’t go wrong with something black, red, or lacy. And if you’re into costumes, don’t be afraid to be someone else for an evening. Role-playing is a confident, playful way to get in the mood. For the man, find out what drives your woman crazy and dress like that for her. Do some strip tease for her with some seductive dancing. Our women would like that you know!!!


While this might seem a bit risky, skinny-dipping is an exhilarating way to bring out your inner adventurer. Going completely naked in a public pool or hot tub isn’t such a good idea, but stripping the bikini and trunks at a secluded area on the beach or in your hotel room’s hot tub might be a delightful experience to really warm things up.


You might want to lie up in bed making love all day, but you’ll have to force yourself to get up and get out to see new things. Choose a place, and agree on things you’d both like to see and do. Create a honeymoon that’s worth remembering. This is the sexiest part of the whole honeymoon experience: traveling and creating new and special memories together as a couple. Your honeymoon should be the most relaxing and sexiest part of your wedding, so let down your hair and release all those inhibitions.

Have any other steamy honeymoon ideas to share with ? We’d love to hear from you!

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