Earlier in the year, this unfortunate hausa man Dr. Junaid Mohammed, made some inflammatory statements against the igbo and the civil war on the commemoration of the armed forces memorial day and how the igbo’s have started what we started before the civil war with the GEJ administration. Now in today’s punch dated 22/9/2013 he states that anybody who is canvassing for the sovereign national conference is asking for another civil war.

First of all it wasn’t a civil war, it was a military war. Secondly, I remember that it was the senate president, Senator David Mark who canvassed for the national conference and that it was not by an igbo man o! So why are these dumb cattle herds men afraid of a SNC?! Well, GEJ has a right to contest for the 2015 elections, and not even he himself or any other man in PDP or Nigeria, has that right to tell another man not to contest any election in this country.

This is the stupid outburst of the dumb man, Also check out the comments of those that read it.

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