Hello! My name is Cheta Okorafor and I need you to support my seminar project I hope to hold in the third saturday of October or first saturday of November. I need at least 200 people to buy my book, “How to make, manage and multiply money with ease”! It costs N1,000 per copy and you would get it when you send your e-mail. They call this crowd funding or sourcing, were several people come together to support a project in return for a reward like interest in money or kind (product).


I plan to organize a one day financial and business empowerment seminar. The topic or title of the seminar is HOW TO MAKE, MANAGE AND MULTIPLY MONEY WITH EASE! I would also invite the representatives of the following organizations to talk about their products and services at the seminar. They are as follows;
(a) Lagos State Ministry of Commerce and Industry (LASMCI),
(b) Lagos State Microfinance Institute (LASMI),
(c) Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN),
(d) Securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria (SEC),
(e) Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC),
(f) Mansard Insurance,
(g) UAC Restaurants.


Most countries and Nigeria inclusive, are in an economic recession and are yet to overcome it. People, especially small business owners, public and private civil servants or employees, need more information on how they can earn more money or increase their earning income.

Yours sincerely, started a small business, in which I was duped and of which I lost a lot of money, which affected my relationship with my siblings and resulted in my mother suffering from complications due to diabetes and stroke. I have finally learnt how I can start a small business with little capital and now know fourteen (14) trusted, tested and legitimate ways to increase or multiply my money and also knowing fully well that I need to manage it effectively.

I wish to use this seminar to inform budding and inspiring entrepreneurs to learn from my experience and mistakes and also learn what I have spent time and money to learn about.


The seminar would aim to realize the following objectives;

– reveal the history, functions and types of money,
– reveal fourteen (14) true and tested ways to multiply money,
– reveal simple ways to manage money,
– reveal businesses that can be started with less capital,
– reveal simple ways to identify and locate customers/clients,
– reveal simple ways to write a business plan,
– reveal how to secure low interest loans with LASMI, the CBN and through crowd funding,
– reveal how to use corporate bonds to grow small businesses,
– reveal how to secure life insurance policies with a minimum of N1,000/year,
– reveal franchising business opportunities with UAC restaurants.


You can pay into my bank account with the following details;

Account name: Okorafor Cheta Obi,
Account number: 2011604712.
Bank: U.B.A plc.

Hope you do internet/sms banking so that I can receive the notification on my phone/email. If not follow this procedure: pay into the account above, send the payment details plus the teller number by sms/text messages to 08122351449 or 08025479656. Also send your email address so that you can receive the soft copy of my book.

Thank you.

Cheta Okorafor.
08122351449, 08025479656.

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