A lot of married couples today allow stress and marital problems to overwhelm them and affect their marriages. They do not have time to discuss and settle their differences. The children can even cause problems with their nagging and stubbornness. So parents need to go out and spend the weekend alone, send the kids to their uncles or aunts and really spend that quality time to build their relationships and renew their vows and rekindle their love for each other.

Let’s say the truth, today’s economic problems ensures that people work more hours to earn more money, so that they can offset those bills hanging on their necks. But it is foolhardy for unmarried and married couples not to have a vacation in the course of the year. We all need to leave a lot of things behind and let other people do the job and preserve our lives. All work and no play, they say, makes jack a dull boy, but I say all work and no rest can give you a heart attack.

BLUE TRIP HONEY MOON AND LOGISTICS is a planning and logistic firm that plans and deals with where, how and when you want to spend your honeymoon or vacation as well as the perfect time and season it would be convenient for you.

they help you in the planning, organization and implementation of your honeymoon, leaving you to enjoy every moment of your wedding and holidays.

Their services include;

– searching the best ticket vendors,
– cab rental and airport shuttle logistics,
– hotel bookings and accommodation,
– tour planning,
– photo shoot session and magazine publication for newly weds,
– corporate exhibitions staging,
– planning excortions and holidays,
– business trips for expatriates and executives,
– honeymoon planning.

You can learn more about this company and make your enquiries when you visit

Address 2nd Floor NERCD Building ,plot 7 NERCD
Road , off Ashabi Cole Street CBD Alausa
lagos ,NIgeria.
Phone 07067638053, 08038016197,07036338313

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