I was just tuning my star times decoder when I came across this program on AMC TV channel and I saw a hot sexy clad girl rubbing her hands all over herself and I said to myself, who is this now, we won’t stop seeing Nigerians doing stuff on tv. I wanted to tune it off and go by to BBC but I was just transfixed watching that cute lady rub her hands all over herself. I waited for her to do something crazy until I heard her say be a bitch for your man in bed to spice up your relationship. This was a kind of rule or guide for women. The next scene was even more creative. She talked about cooking good food for men. Then I knew this show was something else.

Other presenters would bring their friends or guests to talk about the “the 12 game rules on how to stop a man from cheating” but she went the unconventional way. She dramatized each scene. Blessing Nwachukwu-Frank is the host of the new show on AMC channel in Star times cable tv. She is the beautiful host of the Blessy Jackson Show. Don’t have a star times decoder, you can watch her video on this link, Ladies, if you want to keep your man, you’d better watch this video!

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