Hmmm……..Asari Dokubo talked a lot last night. He talked about Amaechi, Obasanjo, IBB, Tinubu, Lamido, CAN, PDP and GEJ for 2015. I keep on asking, why should these politicians force themselves and their selfish agenda’s on us? GEJ can contest the 2015 presidential elections if he so desires and if he wins his party’s primaries for 2015 general elections, but I won’t support the imposition of a particular candidate on others. Whether it is the old PDP o or the new PDP o, all na dey same corrupt wine!

If these fools respected our votes, we would know who would rule us. As for me and my house, I ain’t voting for GEJ in 2015. I ain’t voting for PDP either! They have been there since 1999, and we keep hearing of OBJ and his ilk, still meddling in our politics. If we had a new party, they can probe OBJ and PDP’s shenanigans since 1999. WE NEED CHANGE!!!!!!!

You can visit this link to watch the video of Dokubo talking or is it “spitting fire!”

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