I really think Igbo’s should really rethink this Biafran idea and agitation because it is taking us no where. Don’t get me wrong, I am a proud Nigerian who speaks Igbo and English languages fluently. I wish I could speak more languages like french, spanish, portuguese, chinese/mandarin, japanese, korean, yoruba and hausa. It will enable me to speak and communicate more globally. Sorry for the deviation.

Igbo’s are entrepreneurs and majority of us are old time marketers. We do things in the old way. We are not manufacturers. We do have manufacturers but our major players in the manufacturing industry are assemblers, who manufacture these parts in foreign lands like China and import it here to assemble it. That is dumb. We create jobs for the Chinese and make their economy to be the second largest in the world. I really don’t like the Chinese and their selfish way of doing business. Innoson Group of Companies is one of them and I just learnt that they have Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV’s) and other vehicles like buses (I have seen their buses, both large and small). It is a welcome development but we need to have those manufacturing plants back here in Nigeria and in Igboland.

Dangote has beaten us to it. He just signed a $30 billion US loan pact with several banks and financiers to establish a fertilizer and oil refinery in Ondo State. Ondo State is an oil producing state you know and Dangote keeps growing from strength to strength. Igbo’s please we need more companies based in igbo land. What is it that these south western state governors are doing that south eastern state governors are not doing well? Why can’t they attract investors and business moguls like Dangote to igbo land? We really need to rethink this biafran issue immediately and create jobs for our children. These state governors should make the south east save for business people to invest in it. I have said my own. A word is enough for the wise!

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