Child marriage: Stella Damasus, Sani Yerima clash on Al Jazeera!

Stella Damasus and Senator Yerima clashed on The Stream, a social network discussion program on the arab cable network station Al Jazeera. Truth be told, I don’t like that station and I’d rather watch BBC, MSNBC or CNN or even our own TVC News channel. Al Jazeera has a big bias for islamic and arab issues so I don’t really like them. They even have a soft spot for Boko Haram.

You can click on this link and get a link to watch the video.

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2 thoughts on “Child marriage: Stella Damasus, Sani Yerima clash on Al Jazeera!

  1. I made use of the cable network to balance the western media propaganda.
    Stella, has a case but she should not use assumption to back her arguments. Early marriages are very few nowadays in Nigeria, over 90% 0f mariages in Nigeria are teenage match making the immediate past generation and beyond. Why is your argument one sided? Flash back to history meet Islamic scholars for clearity then come back and ague. Islam as a way of life can not mislead us. accept an individual refuse to understand it traditions. Check or study hard before getting to conclusion.


    • Hi Aliyu, thanks for visiting my blog and placing a comment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against islam at all. But what the followers of islam are perpetuating against non-moslems is disheartening and I can’t help but dislike the religion. It has become a religion of violence and intolerance.

      Concerning Damasus and Yerima, unless she has backers, then good luck to her. Yerima and other northern politicians always benefit from this law that recognizes teenage women who are married as adults, especially those below the age of 18. It is just a plow to increase the number of people who vote in the north. It not about the issue of child’s right act anymore. You say that child marriages don’t exist anymore, but yerima confirmed that it still exists, it even exists in the southern part of Nigeria!


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