Continuing to date your spouse after you are married is one way to keep romance alive. But no one ever seems to offer suggestions on where to go or what to do on a date with your husband or wife. After all, going to
the local bar every Saturday night eventually loses its charm. To help you brainstorm for your next date night, here are suggestions (from the tame to the wild):

1. Pick up the ingredients you need to create a great meal at the market and then return home and cook it together.
2. Throw a slumber party for two. Have dinner in bed and have each other for dessert.
3. Plan a movie night. Rent a flick that you’ll both enjoy, make popcorn, and get cozy under the blanket on the couch.
4. Go for a hike or long walk together.
5. Get coffee at your favorite coffee house and just talk to one another.
6. Swim, lounge, and enjoy a day at the beach or pool.
7. Go to a theme park and clutch each other on the scary rides.
8. Perform a duet at a karaoke bar.
9. If you’re adventure seekers, you can go skydiving together.
10. Head to the zoo or museum. Stroll through the exhibits, hold hands, and comment on what you see and learn.
11. Attend a concert and sing out loud to one another.
12. Take a sculpting or drawing class together. Or go to one of those stores where you can paint pottery. Your art will give your beloved a new window into your personality.
13. Miniature golf, bowling, pool, or the arcade are always great for some old fashioned fun and friendly competition.
14. Go to a diner and share an ice cream. Delicious!
15. Sledding is a delight for children of all ages.
16. Rent a motor scooter and go for a spin.
17. Flowers are an eternal symbol of romance. Head to the botanical gardens and learn all about them together.
18. Take a road trip to the city if you live in the country or to the country if you live in the city. See how the other half lives.
19. Fill up a picnic basket with goodies – food, wine, fruit. Go to the park and share your feast with one another. Don’t forget your picnic blanket.
20. Act like tourists in your own neighborhood. Go to one of the major sites, take photos, and pretend you’re seeing this place again for the first time.
21. Draw sketches of one another. Even if you can’t draw, you’ll have fun and create a lovely memory.
22. Shoot at each other – with water toy guns.
23. Glide at the nearest ice skating rink.
24. Camp out and kiss under the stars. Light a camp fire to boot.
25. Go watch a local football match and support the home team.
26. Climb a wall or a real mountain together. This sort of activity is fun but also helps couples build trust.
27. Participate in a wine tasting.
28. Volunteer for a worthy cause together. Visit the ill, organize a fund raiser for a non-profit, or work at a shelter. You’ll spend time with each other, but you’ll also make a difference and help others.
29. Try your luck at a casino.
30. Look at the homes and properties for sale in your area. You may find a bargain that you’ll actually buy or you’ll just dream out loud about your future together. Either way, you win!
31. Have a tournament of your choice – Battleship, Monopoly, cards, Playstation, etc. For a twist, the winner has to take the loser out to dinner for another date night.
32. Think outside the box and go out for a romantic breakfast instead of dinner.
33. Shop together for something you want but do not actually need – a stereo, a home theater.
34. Go to a club and dance all night like you did when you were single – but this time dance with each other.
35. Have dessert for dinner.
36. A poetry reading can spark romance – or at the very least a stimulating conversation.
37. Political rallies get couples united behind a candidate who they think could improve their lives. It gives them a sense of accomplishment, too.
38. Make love and go all out. Wear sexy lingerie, send each other naughty text messages beforehand, light candles, throw rose petals on and around the bed, use
edible body paints – whatever you must do to take the romance up a notch.
39. Take a hot air balloon ride.
40. Watch the sun rise or set from a beautiful location.
41. Pick a restaurant that serves an exotic, local cuisine neither of you has ever tried before. Be as daring as you can with what you order. You just might like it!
42. Learn a romantic foreign language – French, Italian, Spanish. Then, practice talking to each other around the house but especially when you’re in the mood for love.
43. Rent a boat or head to a dock and go fishing. You can cook your catch later in the day, so it’s like two dates in one.
44. Accomplish a fun home project. Paint your house a bright, new color, install your home theater, create a collage of wedding photos for the wall. You’ll work as a team and feel a whole new kind of satisfaction when you’re done.
45. At your favorite local pub or bar, order champagne and flirt with each other all night long. If you’re into role playing, you could even take on different personas for the evening and act like you’ve just met. Stay in
character until you get home.
46. Have a snow ball or water balloon fight. Water pistol shootouts can be lots of fun, too.
47. Make out like teenagers on the couch.
48. Have high tea replete with scones and cucumber sandwiches at a ritzy hotel or tea house.
49. Bump each other with bumper cars.
50. Get a couple’s massage at a spa. You’ll get the knots out of your back while bonding with your spouse. How relaxing!

There are many more ways in which you can keep date night fresh and fun. What do you and your spouse do for fun? Let us know by contacting us at our office:

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Sadness is what would have filled their mother’s heart, when the news would have reached her ears that her son killed her other son while fighting over trivial issue.

This incident happened on Monday Sept.16th at Bida road, Onitsha. A fight led to the horrible death and the cause of the fight is unknown. The brother who did this terrible thing is nowhere to be found.

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The honeymoon should be a perfect getaway for two—a time for fun, relaxation, and seduction. Yes, seduction. As the hype of your wedding day comes to an end, you’ll
want to get in the mood and celebrate with your new hubby or wife. Here are a few sexy things to do on your honeymoon.


I know it is totally not in our culture to watch the sunrise or sunset or even go on a moonlighting, but I remember when we sat under the full moon listening to our older ones tell us stories as little kids back then in the village. It even has a romantic sense to it if you and your hubby could sit under the moon with a bottle of red wine before you’d go back to your rooms. You could even have a great view from your room, lying down lazily on your bed watching the sunrise over the oceanic horizon. Wished I could just watch the sun rise up or go down over the ocean than watch it on television or see it in pictures. Watching the sun rise up can be medicinal before you go back under the sheets, you know!


One of you could meet a waiter or hotel staff to arrange a surprise breakfast or candle lit dinner. Most people appreciate the thoughtfulness and planning behind a good surprise. Wake up before your partner or just excuse your partner and either leave a note and instruct your partner on were he or she could meet you. You can wait for him or her dressed exquisitely and with a sumptuous meal!!!


There’s something totally hot about ordering up the menu, having trays of delicious food delivered straight to your room, and devouring it in bed while watching a great movie. If you have a patio overlooking a nice view, here is also a great place to enjoy a meal and take in all the beauty around you. Be served like royalty while you have the chance!


Lingerie adds an element of excitement and seduction in the bedroom. You can put together several sexy outfits to wear for your man (although they will likely be taken off right way). You should definitely have at least one all-white outfit, to initiate the feeling of a first time. You also can’t go wrong with something black, red, or lacy. And if you’re into costumes, don’t be afraid to be someone else for an evening. Role-playing is a confident, playful way to get in the mood. For the man, find out what drives your woman crazy and dress like that for her. Do some strip tease for her with some seductive dancing. Our women would like that you know!!!


While this might seem a bit risky, skinny-dipping is an exhilarating way to bring out your inner adventurer. Going completely naked in a public pool or hot tub isn’t such a good idea, but stripping the bikini and trunks at a secluded area on the beach or in your hotel room’s hot tub might be a delightful experience to really warm things up.


You might want to lie up in bed making love all day, but you’ll have to force yourself to get up and get out to see new things. Choose a place, and agree on things you’d both like to see and do. Create a honeymoon that’s worth remembering. This is the sexiest part of the whole honeymoon experience: traveling and creating new and special memories together as a couple. Your honeymoon should be the most relaxing and sexiest part of your wedding, so let down your hair and release all those inhibitions.

Have any other steamy honeymoon ideas to share with ? We’d love to hear from you!

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A red LAGBUS has escaped falling off the EKO Brdige by Alaka / Iponri inward western avenue by a whisker. This has led to road block on the bridge forcing all traffic through Costain as uniformed men – soldiers, police,
LASTMA officials taking over to restore sanity in the area…


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This lady is a special friend of mine and a fellow blogger. She is a creative lady and has unique writing skills. Even though she is on the big side, she is quite beautiful and you guys know that big is beautiful!!!

Abeg Crunchy no kill me o! Her name is not crunchy o but I no go reveal am to you. You will get to learn about her if you visit her blog at http://crunchyapple101.blogspot.com.

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Earlier in the year, this unfortunate hausa man Dr. Junaid Mohammed, made some inflammatory statements against the igbo and the civil war on the commemoration of the armed forces memorial day and how the igbo’s have started what we started before the civil war with the GEJ administration. Now in today’s punch dated 22/9/2013 he states that anybody who is canvassing for the sovereign national conference is asking for another civil war.

First of all it wasn’t a civil war, it was a military war. Secondly, I remember that it was the senate president, Senator David Mark who canvassed for the national conference and that it was not by an igbo man o! So why are these dumb cattle herds men afraid of a SNC?! Well, GEJ has a right to contest for the 2015 elections, and not even he himself or any other man in PDP or Nigeria, has that right to tell another man not to contest any election in this country.

This is the stupid outburst of the dumb man, http://punchng.com/news/supporters-of-snc-asking-for-civil-war/. Also check out the comments of those that read it.

Please share to your friends on facebook and twitter as well when you click on the fb and twitter feeds under the write up. Thank you.

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MY BUTLER ERRAND SERVICES is a subsidiary to our parent company, BLUE FISH ENTERPRISES (BN 2175000). As the name implies, we offer special errand services for our targeted customers.

In today’s busy world, people are having less time to do so many things on their “to-do-lists” and this enables them not to meet their deadlines at home or at work. This affects their relationships, jobs and earning power. Also, most times employees intentionally do not meet their targets or deadlines, which causes problems between them and their employees.

Our goal is to identify these people and help them to achieve balance in their lives, between what they want to do and what they need to do. We will handle your “to-do-lists” so that they can focus on the important things in their lives……..family, friends, work and pleasure.


Our hours of operation is as follows;
– mondays to fridays – 8am to 5pm.
– saturdays – 9am to 4pm.
Our services may be negotiated beyond normal business hours.
Our services include the following;
– drop off or pick up of materials for dry cleaning,
– car wash/cleaning at home or place of work,
– delivery of items to the post office or courier service for mailing,
– drop off or pick up prescriptions,
– purchase, wrapping and delivering of gifts to friends and family,
– pick up and delivery of trays of food and beverages for meeting at your office or small parties at your home,
– writing, typesetting and delivery of materials and proposals.
– gift shopping and wrapping,
– grocery shopping,
– back to school shopping,
– returns and exchanges,
– ordering flowers for delivery.
– payment of PHCN, water and cable subscription bills,
– relocation assistance services,
– assist with your house guest’s needs,
– utility services assistance and delivery.
– assist with basic household needs,
– assist with mail sorting and posting and bill paying,
– grocery shopping with home delivery and re-stocking supplies,
– pick up of items from drug store.


– MY BUTLER ERRAND SERVICES requests that you give as much notice as possible, but understands that sometimes when you need us most is at the last minute. We will try to accommodate you if we can, but please understand that we might not be available to handle last minute requests if we are already booked.

– MY BUTLER ERRAND SERVICES, reserves the right to make all final decisions on services and related costs, considering the customers interests.

– MY BUTLER ERRAND SERVICES, reserves the right to refuse any business it feels is unsafe and/or unsuitable for its employees.


We charge by the hour and an hour costs N2,000 (two thousand naira) per hour, plus any actual costs.
More than one task may be combined into an hour.
Seniors (60+), always receive a 10% discount on all services.
Also we offer a 10% discount, if we are held up by traffic jams, when offering our services to you.

For more information call Cheta on 08122351449 or 08025479656 or add to your BBM 2323F358. Also like our facebook page at “my butler errand services” and on twitter @MYBIZ_ng.

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