I don’t blame Fashola for doing what he did. I blame the south-east governors for this alleged deportation. Why? Because, these dumb governors, ensured that their people stopped erecting petty shops here and there in south east cities and towns, stopped okada from operating and even stopped keke people from operating. It’s just not them alone. Other states in the south – south like akwa ibom, also did the same and the didn’t provide alternatives or other opportunities for their people who got affected by this stupid enforcement. These people had to migrate in their droves and numbers to lagos state and set up petty trading shops as they like without permission, okada and keke operators increased in their numbers.

Fashola has not done anything worse. He can not take over the responsibilities of these governors. Let them create a conducive environment for their people and private investors, so that they can provide opportunities for others. Even Dangote can not invest in the south east. I as an Igbo man can not do so cos, no state government can guarantee the safety of my business interests there if I were to have any. People have businesses there but I don’t think they are having it funny at all.

So let’s leave Fashola and our hosts and give them a break. Yes fashola didn’t do well in deporting Nigerians like that, but must we over heat the situation? Just look at what we have been discussing for over three weeks now. Nothing that would put money on our pockets. Wasting valuable time and money.
What would even make people to leave their home towns and migrate to another place to set up petting trading shops, or run okada and keke up and down. When did igbo people become such nuisance? Even the igbo town unions based in lagos are not doing their jobs well to determine the where about’s of their towns people. How many igbo’s would care to lay down their lives for their igbo brothers not to talk less of their hosts? Yet we open our mouths proudly like spoilt brats and say that we developed lagos. Is that how you say thank you to your hosts?

Fashola hasn’t stated! If I were to be Fashola, I’ll ban okada, keke and petty trading, even if it would affect my people, and ensure that immigrants from other states return to their states. Let us as igbo’s demand to know what our governors and our elected leaders are doing with the stewardship, we gave them. I care about one thing only, my safety and my interests. Yoruba’s have even done a great lot for me than any igbo man would do for me. I even had to leave the south east to come to lagos and I have ideas that I can establish in lagos, than I would ever do in the east. Igbo’s search your conscience and stop being proud. Put and end to this nonsense and accept your hosts and learn from them. I will no longer join you and make unnecessary comments on social media!

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