How can you make your business other peoples business? You can do so by providing solutions to their problems. How then can you convince them to part with their money, to purchase your goods and services? You offer them opportunities they can not refuse in return for their money. We earlier learnt that money is a medium of exchange and the products or services you provide is not enough for you to make money. You need to let your customer know the benefits of doing business with you and therefore, make your business, theirs.

We call this process marketing, which is the modern way of selling products and services. For you to be able to sell your business to your target market, your business needs to have an identity, which most importantly is you. Yes, that business can never be a business if their are no people behind it. No business can sell itself if nobody runs it. The appearance and attitude of the people behind the business or company is very important for the growth of the business. Your mode of dressing determines if people would do business with you. A well dressed business person attracts people to him. Remember the saying, first impressions matters most.

An individual with a negative attitude does not attract people to himself. People do not like people with negative and abusive attitudes. A good sales person is that person who is a people person, which is a person, people feel comfortable in communicating with. Your communications skills is very important in your business. Big business or corporations hire professionals in marketing (sales), advertising and public relations, who can sell their company, products and services to people and the society at large. As a small business person, you should learn how to do this too, because big businesses were once small businesses, yesterday.

Firstly, you need to transform yourself into the best sales person, you would ever meet in life. Dress to impress, even when you are going to the closest mall or shop to purchase household goods. Yes, you need to be ready, because you can make a sale at any moment, even as you read this write up. Greet everybody you meet politely and smile as you do so. This would sweep them off their feet and make them run to you to know you more. Brand your company and all items you would need to sell your company or the products and services you offer for sale, especially all stationery. People can never forget Coca-Cola. MTN, BlackBerry and Nokia that easily.

Use every possible means to sell your business to your customers. You can publish newsletters or have a blog and talk about your business, yourself, your staff and your customers and most importantly, the products and services you are offering. You can also make money with your newsletters by offering advert spaces for sale while you offer your newsletters for free and also sell advert spaces in your blog. You can even be a guest writer for online blogs and websites. You can also buy a space in a national daily or newspaper and put up your picture and business profile, so that readers of that column in the newspaper would get to know you and your business.

You can also offer your ideas and business knowledge or know how to radio and television stations for free and pay no money in doing so. Today, the internet is one very important way for business people to sell their products and services to a lot of people in the world. It is a huge market of more than 2 billion users, who make use of the internet everyday and with the influence of social media, you can easily communicate with them with electronic gadgets, like tablets, i-phones, blackberry’s, androids, laptops and desktop computers and even smart tv’s. So if you are not internet savvy today, make sure you become one today.

You can also sell your business effectively by getting involved in civic marketing, which is different from cause related marketing. In civic marketing, your business offers your business hours for free and volunteer to assist your host community in a project or event. Let’s say you are a doctor and you offer free medical services to your host community. This would sell the brand of your hospital and put the members of your community in a position to seek your services first. Cause related marketing involves the sale of your products and services, in which you offer a percentage of your sales to a cause or foundation. Both are important but civic marketing is an image builder because, it generates publicity and creates an unselfish, less commercial, and more caring image for your brand.

Communication in your business, amongst your staff is very important. Because of working hours lost daily, it is crucial for you to reduce the rate your staff talk to each other and you can achieve this by ensuring that calls made to each other in your business is cheap and affordable. Most GSM companies have cheap rates for small businesses. Also you can reduce the amount of paper used to communicate with each other by networking via the computer and using an internet connection. This method would ensure that your business is professionally run and reduces the cost of doing business.

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