Really these Nigerian politicians don’t seem to get in that dumb and empty skulls of theirs. Did we send them their to pursue their selfish interests or to protect our own interests as a people and also as Nigerians. Why is it that what we hear and read about on the pages of newspapers and radio airwaves or what we watch on our television screens is all but arrant nonsense about the “shenanigans” of these fools in government.

We have been following this foolish quest of who should be president, governor or senator or local government chairman in 2015. It is because these fools, dumb skulls and thieves do not respect our votes and decisions that they steal our mandates and practice a “win-at-all-cost” kind of politics, that only satisfies their selfish and immature interests.

Tell me why is it that Amaechi and Wike are fighting over each other and that fight is affecting the rest of Rivers State people and every other person in Nigeria, especially when both men worked together to ensure that Amaechi became governor in 2007? Why should Amaechi’s non support of the Goodluck Jonathan administration, affect us as a people? Why should the northern Nigerian ambition of winning the 2015 presidential election, be our problem? Why should the ambition of the south, south political leaders or is it the Ijaw ambition of ensuring that GEJ is re-elected as president in 2015 be our problem?

What we want is good leadership and governance. And if this people should fail to do as we want them to do, we have the right to re-call them or vote them out in the next elections. Thank God, the House of Assembly have voted to remove the immunity clause and encourage Nigerians to run as independent candidates in any elections, without joining any political party. They also, voted for the autonomy of local governments in Nigeria. This is laudable and should be applauded by every Nigerian. I just hope that they prevail on the selfish senators in the upper chamber, who voted against all that has been stated above.

The reaction to Senator Yerima’s desire to marry off all Nigerian women who are under age, shows what we can achieve as a people. This reaction has lead to the arrest and release on bail of the senator by NAPTIP and it has been discovered by Nigerians that it is against the law to marry Egyptian girls who are under age. So, we can send a demand to the Egyptian embassy to their government to arrest Yerima, for kidnapping an under aged egyptian girl and marrying her off. Nigerians, we must remain united and organized to beat these political thieves.

Read what the lower chambers voted for in this link,

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