I watched the Stella Damasus’ video and I must say, that I am impressed with her fire brand approach to this girl and not bride issue that has been troubling Nigerians since last week. I think this is just a distraction from the major issue at hand, which is the constitutional review by the senate or is it the National Assembly.

Well, as far as I am concerned, this is a non-issue but I am glad that Nigerians are reacting this way. This was a mischievous attempt by Senator Yerima, to sneak in an islamic opinion (I won’t call it an islamic law because I think it is a choice), into the Nigerian constitution and pass it as law. The drama that ensued in the senate between the Senate President and Yerima was laughable. This was a clause that had been taken care of and David Mark tried to ensure that they left nothing behind and Yerima took that opportunity to throw in that point. Mark and Yerima exchanged words and Mark had to make him sit down. But when the muslim senators, especially those from the northern part of Nigeria started to murmur, senator David Mark had to make the senators vote again. I think that motion was defeated.

Now Yerima, had to step on our frayed nerves by telling us that he would marry off his 6 year old daughter if he wanted to and that we couldn’t do anything about it. Well, the fact is, he wouldn’t try it. We all know that child marriage exists in the north and it has been so for ages. But what we should be really careful of is the passage of sharia law into the Nigerian constitution. Remember, it was this same senator, who as the governor of Zamfara State, who made sharia law a major law in that state and of which several northern states did likewise. So if he could attempt sneaking an islamic view point and try making it a Nigerian law, what stops him from attempting to sneak in sharia law into our constitution.

The reaction of Nigerians toward this incident must have thought the lawmakers a lesson and that Nigerians are united in fighting them. Stella Damasus’ video stated it. Her criticism of her fellow celebrities and the first lady, is welcome by me. The celebrities no longer have a private life and that life of theirs now belong to the people, so it is high time the start fighting for the rights of the people, especially children and the less privileged. Dame Patience Jonathan, would speak up in issues that don’t concern her and when it comes to the one that matters to her, the children and women, nobody would hear her voice. Good job Stella and the rest of Nigerians who added their voice to this issue. It is high time we start informing Nigerians about their rights and stop allowing this randy and horny politicians, in deceiving us on a daily basis. What is that I heard about still giving oil contracts to the same companies mentioned in the oil subsidy scam? Hmmmm……I need to write about that!

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