Hmmmm……for some days now, I have found it difficult to post an article to my blog. I do have a lot to write about or talk about but I just keep telling myself, what is the use of disturbing others when other bloggers and writers and opinion leaders are all arguing about the same issue. So I just let it be. Writing isn’t that easy you know. You need to be creative so that your readers won’t be bored with your writing.

But I appreciate those who have spent time to read all my write ups, and those who have taken time to make comments on them. You are the reason I keep trying to write more. As long as there is life, we will have issues and events to discuss and argue about. Life goes on and I have learnt that it is not everything you should participate in talking about. It is very important to listen. Then you would discover that everything has opposite sides. Then you would wonder what was the fuss all about in the first place.

This week, Americans kept talking about the Trayvon Martins case, India had innocent children killed in school food poisoning, Egypt had riots on their sacked president, Cuba and North Korea were in the middle of a seized ship with weapons of war, FIFA to sell World Cup final Tickets for $1,000, Rivers state debacle continues, Soyinka and Dame Patience in war of words (I pity her!), Senator Yerima has become public enemy number one in Nigeria against child molestation or is it marriage! Happy weekend folks and remember that “that’s how the cookie crumbles!”

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  1. You have finally done something now. in a nutshell you have told us the happenings in the world. I have the gift of writing,but I do not own a blog. I rather be a contributor to issues at this time.
    Well I will suggest you carve a niche for yourself in a particular area but not totally forgetting to comment on breaking news. Meet me at the top.


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