This is a follow up to my earlier write up, “WILL I EVER FIND TRUE LOVE?!!!”. A friend of mine had to inform me that I only saw it from a man’s point of view and not a woman’s. She told me that she had to find a job for her man, buy new clothes for him and rent an apartment for him, only for his family to inform the young woman that, they do not want a woman, whose family had a history of cancer. Yeah, some sicknesses are hereditary but true love is sacrifice. If this lady could sacrifice a lot to make this man happy, he shouldn’t have dumped her. I think it is stupid for a man to do such a thing on the insistence of his family and if he calls himself a man, he shouldn’t have allowed his parents and family decide for him. That shows a high level of immaturity.

A lot of men today, can’t make decisions of their own because they allow their family members interfere with how they live there lives. Imagine, the family members, didn’t complain when the lady concerned helped make their son “a man” in society and when it comes to what he should do, he uses his family as an excuse. We men, don’t really know how to treat our women well. And I don’t think it is our fault. How, you ladies might ask! Ladies are the greatest problems they can ever have. They are so demanding and most of them don’t know how to keep their tongue in check. Some women are more understanding than the others. Yeah, I know you would say I generalize a lot, but some women are better than others, likewise some men are better than others. Don’t get it twisted dear, I mean no harm.

I tried to be in a relationship just a few weeks backs but her attitude made me cut it off. The relationship died a still birth. Gosh, have you ever been with a woman who craves attention like a kid and who would nag endlessly about nothing. A woman who would talk about absolutely nothing important. God help me to have the grace to tolerate women! I have met several women who are ambitious but I find it difficult to win their heart. I don’t know why. Maybe I don’t have what it takes to do so. I always end up with the average ladies and regret later.

Well, men try and learn how to treat your women right and try to be patient with them (I know that is difficult). Ladies, try and be less demanding from your men. It is not just cash but reduce your “I want him to communicate with me” time. He might be busy or not be in the mood. Don’t conclude when he doesn’t keep an appointment. The way you are patient with him would make him love you more. Buy the book “Act like a woman, think like a man” by Steve Harvey. It’s a movie now so you can go get yours now!

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