The abuse of power is an improper use of authority by someone who has that authority because he or she holds a public office. Abuse of power is different from usurpation of power, which is an exercise of authority that the offender does not actually have.

That is what we have witnessed just this week in Nigeria. The total abuse and usurpation of power in Rivers State which gotten tongues wagging in not just social media but everywhere.

Nigeria is a funny country and Nigerians are even funnier! What do you say of a people who sit down and watch and talk hysterically about the unfortunate happenings in the country and allow their elected (forced upon them) leaders to do as they like and deny them of their rights as citizens of this country? These people in power take undue advantage of us and we sit down and mope like morons. They even change the constitution to protect their selfish interests and say that they are the only legitimate authority to do.

Nigerians, no matter the ethnicity, religion, age or sex, should come out and make demands and create a new constitution that ensures that these politicians do not abuse or usurp the power given to them by ensuring that the immunity clause is denied them. Only the president has the right to immunity. The vice president down to the local government counselors, should have their immunity withdrawn. The ministers should not even be mentioned at all about being given immunity. They are the major problem this country has. If they did their jobs, the situation in Rivers wouldn’t have occurred. The office of the wife of the president doesn’t exist and must not be allowed to exist in the first place. Governors should have no right in selecting politicians or individuals for nomination.

Nigerians shouldn’t just decide by voting alone but they should ask tough questions about their representatives and leaders and withdraw or impeach them if they fail to answer the questions. It is our duty to make Nigeria great and not just that of those in the corridors of power.

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  1. Until we realise that we have more power than those we actually elected and make them give us an account of their stewardship,we will still be in awe of a power we gave them.


    • Thanks Chuks, my poet man. I think the House of Assembly members have removed the immunity clause so you and I can fight them now. Hope the Senate won’t kill this noble idea. The lawmakers really listened to the people unlike the senators.


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