By Onuoha Chuks Kingsley.

Don’t expect the journey of success to be rosy. It will never be. Never! There are so many bumps and pot holes on the way. In fact in some cases it may seem like you have reached the end of the road. Bury the thought, you haven’t.

To get to your destination, you must keep at it. You must stay with it. Just like the postage stamp will stay with the envelope until the letter gets to its destination.

Have you seen a man cutting wood? He may have struck the wood 99 times without any sign of the wood breaking. But on the 100th time, the wood splits. Now, the question is: was it the last strike that broke the wood? Certainly not. It is the accumulation of all the 100. Imagine if he had given up at the 99th time?

The same is with success. When you want to give up, may be when you want to strike gold. Keep on taking the next step. Keep on keeping on.

Learn from the experience of others. That is why it is good to hang around men and women who have had their own share of failure before succeeding. Believe me, it is better standing on their shoulder.

I have failed several times. But the good news is that it has taught me a lesson. Because I know that everything may not work out as planned, I have learnt to double my effort. That way, while some decision and action fell by the way side, others will succeed.

I know some of you reading me now, would’ve come to a point when you ask yourself “who even sent me on this journey?” Honestly, I have severally come to that point too. That makes us human beings. But believe that it will get better. Trust me, it always will, with God by your side.

At two hundred and eleven degrees fahrenheit, water is hot. However, at two hundred and twelve degrees, it boils, producing steam strong enough to power an ocean liner. Think about that.

I love you. Shalom!

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