I have had it up to here (my neck) and I can’t take it any longer! I just wish God (if he exists) didn’t create me a black man and least of all, a Nigerian! Damn it, I hate being Nigerian. We are so unorganized in everything we do in this God forsaken country! We do things they way we like and accuse those who monitor us as being wicked and malicious towards our welfare. What bites me though is that, Nigerians allow people in authority and public offices to exploit them. What is worse off is that, they allow mediocre’s to rule them.

Take for example, President Goodluck Jonathan. Just listen to him talk and you will understand what I mean. And they say this man was a lecturer. How come? He doesn’t strike me as one. And if this is true then I am sorry for all Nigerian students in our universities, because, this man can’t inspire me to excel in anything and to any level. No wonder this country is so backward. Is it his wife, Patience Jonathan? That fat woman ought to live in a pigsty and not in Aso Rock, the presidential villa.

In lagos, the state government, allows it worker’s to exploit lagosians when they create laws that are unlawful and go against the Nigerian constitution, laws that allow them to collect taxes that they do not have a right to collect, such as television and radio taxes. How can you be paying VAT on your cable TV subscription and the state government wants you to pay N500 tax? Lagosians are even more stupid than I thought. They keep quiet over such things and allow fashola’s government to exploit them. Lagos has a poor electricity power supply and rather than build state owned power plants, to improve the power supply, the government imposes strict tax laws on the people. Let’s say the truth, fashola has tried in the building of infrastructure in lagos than his predecessor and Awolowo impersonator, Tinubu, ever did but the people living in lagos should be blamed for what is going on because they are not organized and they do not complain.

It isn’t just in Lagos these things happen. The police exploit innocent citizens. PHCN workers exploit nigerians with over billed power subscriptions. In lagos, there isn’t a drop of pipe bourne water. Health care is only for those who can afford it. Public education is free in lagos and Imo, but only to the university level in Imo State. Cost of living is high and yet we have people in government who are there to solve the problem and not be the problem. PHCN ought to have privatized yet government spends huge funds to keep it running. Yet we see no results. Security is a none issue here. We are save by our own fate. Yet they say the police is your friend. Security is for the highest bidder in Nigeria. Our state governors steal state security votes worth N60 billion monthly and declare it for themselves and the federal government doesn’t do anything about it. Is it the National Assembly? Bunch of lunatics who pledge to themselves hazard allowance and sitting allowance yet they refuse to give any form of allowance to unemployed youths and aged citizens of this country. Don’t even mention state house’s of assembly please!!!

Even in sports, you find government involvement there. Abeg wetin dem dey find there sef?!!! I tire o!!! Nigerians I tire o!! We must not accept things they way the are done. We must demand our rights. We must demand that those in public offices must be responsible. Or else we all are IRRESPONSIBLE!!!

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  1. On the contrary, you are blessed being blessed black and Nigerian too. It’s matter of unity in Nigeria. Fight tribaliism, class categorization and the superior status practices and you get one great nation in Nigeria!


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