For the past few days, I have been approached by so-called christians who have been inviting me to visit their church and see for myself which is the true church of Christ. Abeg, should I become a multi-church goer. When I came into this world, I was not branded with any church’s or religion’s name, but had to become a catholic because that was the church my parents went to. This was against my wishes. I wasn’t consulted but had no choice because my parents choose for me.

Now that I am a man, I have left the catholic church because they don’t meet my goals and ambitions in life and now have joined Daystar Christian Center, led by Pastor Sam Adeyemi. Oh don’t worry, this is not an advertising campaign for my church, they got to pay me for even mentioning their name. I am not a philanthropist.

What worries me is the lousy marketing campaign of these churches with the number of programs they have everyday. And they will keep on inviting you even when you are a member of a church. Even my church does it. Jesus Christ didn’t force people to come to him. When he spoke to him and they believed in him, he encouraged them. Those who didn’t bother to listen to him, he didn’t bother about them. Even when you are a christians, these church believers, who claim they believe in Christ, make you feel like a sinner! Because you aren’t a member of their church!

Another thing that pisses me off is the people who meet so called people who claim to have a spiritual gift and a dreamers or visionaries or dream or vision interpreters, so that these unfortunate low life people who do not have any ambitions, would now tell or reveal to them what their future has in stock for them. See this hypocrites! Jesus said that God knew how to take care of the birds of the sky and if we believed in Him, we need not worry about our future. Anybody who runs about seeking revelations about their future because they are experiencing tough times or difficulties is an enemy of Jesus Christ and if you claim you are a Christian, then you are no different from that wolf in sheep’s clothing/skin. You are a bloody hypocrite!!!!!

If someone needs to succeed in life, you need to surround yourself with people who would help you do so and people who have done so. How can you succeed when you surround yourself with people who can not be identified with no achievements? Do we know what true christianity is all about? Jesus gave his life so that we can be saved! That doesn’t mean that we need to die to! But dieing for someone else also means sacrificing one’s comfort for that person. Visit, to learn what it means to be a true christian.

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  1. It is good to discover oneself and what one want not what people want for you because they will always want you foe themselves


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