Since I started surfing the internet in 2004, I have fallen deeply in love with the internet and electronic gadgets, that would enable me get connected to the internet, 24/7. I spent a lot of money on cyber cafe’s and now my blackberry phone. I just kept wondering how I would make money through this platform, since people I knew kept laughing at me for wasting valuable time and money on the internet.

I later discovered so many ways to make money via the internet, but my favorite is blogging. This is a major way people can put up their views, opinions, ideas, thoughts, products and services on the internet. It enables you to do so without spending so much money owning a website because it will cost you money to have one. From designing the website and uploading it to the internet. A blog can do all these things for just three thousand naira ($18USD) each year to have the blog as your own.

I can surely confirm to you that blogging is a full time job. You need to be well informed and that means keeping your eyes open and your ears to the ground, to be able to source for valuable information from every available platform you can identify. I watch a lot of cable tv, read a lot of newspapers and magazines. With the internet, I don’t need to spend money doing so. I can access them absolutely free. I also read a lot of books, even old ones. You never can tell the information or idea you could get from that old book or magazine.

Getting people to visit my blog isn’t easy and I apologize to those I keep sending spam messages to, without your permission. I also thank my fellow blogger at for revealing to me how she managed to get more than 11,000 views in one month, while I only got less than 500 views. I have been able to double that number in just two weeks.

So visiting my blog and leaving a comment or two would not just encourage me to continue blogging, but would also enable my would be advertising customers to learn how many people are following me. I can earn money through Google Adsense, but you, my blog followers, need to click on the adverts, so that I can earn money. If you don’t click, I won’t make money. I have to earn at least $1,500USD monthly from Google Adsense each month before I can withdraw money through my Google Adsense account. That is a cool N240,000 each month. So I need at least 6,000 clicks per month at $0.25 cents per click.

Also I can earn a regular income from selling advert spaces on my blog at a minimum of $1USD or N160 for each click per impression or click per click. The impression would cost more than the click advert type. If I sell at $1USD for 100 advert types, I would earn $100 and if I sell that to a minimum of 10 companies/individuals, I would therefore make $1,000 USD, which is N160,000. My inability to get a job, would then end abruptly. Without you, my blog would not exist in the first place.

I know you would ask, “what is in it for me?” Well, I am willing to give you a small stipend for each click or comment you make and I can only know that if you subscribe to my blog. Also, after reading each post and making a comment, please share my posts link through your facebook and twitter feeds below each post, so that your friends and followers would see and maybe click on the link.

Finally, I would soon change the outlook of my blog, from just a normal day to day blog, but specialize only on one particular niche, which is business and lifestyle.

Please support me today and remember your efforts could also encourage someone to start a blog today.

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  1. Cheta don’t worry you’re doing good, keep up thee good work. Just work on topics that would interest people and put urself out there, everybody u know is an avenue to get more people, never be afraid capitalize on that, if u have to bully people do. They’ll come so long as you have something worth reading.

    Lastly every blogger faces same challenge, its a general thing, but it depends on the goals u’ve set for yourself. You have a long way to go so don’t focus on the monetary benefits else you’ll get frustrated. See it as a hobby that will probably pay you in the near future. Blogging is not an overnight success, it takes time, sweat, pains,resources.its all about passion. I did a topic on frustrations of a blogger, those were my challenges so read and be inspired :

    All the best


    • Thanks Estelle. In fact that write up inspired me to write this article. Thanks again. Ur my pillar of support u know?:D


  2. Thanks Estelle. In fact that write up inspired me to write this article. Thanks again. Ur my pillar of support u know?:D


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