I have been trying to have a business of my own since I was a little kid. While growing up as a kid in the northern part of Nigeria, I came across this soap opera, TYCOON, (fortunately, that was when I first heard or saw that word), about a lady who rose to inherit her father’s business empire and who had to fight off competition from over ambitious men, who either wanted to own her, (as in marry her), and her business or didn’t like the idea that she was their boss. That was when they bug bit me. Have I been able to realize this dream? Not yet, but I believe I would get their soon.

Did I get any support or encouragement from my parents and family? No!!! They didn’t understand my passion. My parents, especially my father, meant well for me, but if they knew things would turn out for me this way, I’m sure they would have not insisted in choosing my career for me.

Tell you the truth, trying to start that particular dream business hasn’t been that easy. It has caused me pain and anguish but I have learnt from my mistakes, which even caused my late mum suffering from stroke and diabetes. I learnt the hard way and very painful way and wish others would learn from my mistakes if they would listen to me. It is very important you learn how to organize your business than start a business. Starting a business, any business at all is easy but managing it is were the nitty gritty is. You need to learn how to organize your business first or create a business structure for your business before you start and you can do that by having a business plan. You also need to ensure that you have funds or capital to run the business. Anybody who tells you that you can start a business without capital is lying to you. All businesses need capital to start but some don’t need such huge amounts to start.

That’s were my problem really lies. I have business ideas that are capital intensive. I really had to sit down and think on how I can start a small business that doesn’t need huge capital to do so. I have finally found one and I am now packaging it. Would I need an investor? Yes but it wouldn’t be now. No investor wants to invest his/her money in any business that hasn’t kicked off the ground. This is a one man business and while doing it, I would then use my free time to prepare an operations/job description manual and employee handbook, so when the jobs I get are bigger than me, or when the business needs more hands, those I hire would be trained by the book. My business won’t be a business were people do things as they want or in Nigerian english “do things anyhow!”. It would be a professional business.

I do have business ideas in the agricultural, construction, real estate, banking, oil and gas, manufacturing, entertainment, media, telecommunications, hospitality and sports industries. But all this thing na good money wey chop am!!!!! I need to start small. And I am starting small. What about you? Do you want to spend the rest of your life do other people’s jobs? Why don’t you start today to think about the business you would do or own? Owning a business would help you earn more income and more free time.

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