Recently, while reading a popular Nigerian newspaper, I came across this screaming headline, “Nigerians bewitched by water packaging companies! Tortoise found in a water tanker” and could not help laughing at the hilarious news I’d just read.

I find it funny to think that Nigerians who are into business, do funny things so as to meet their bottom line or make profits. Nigerians business men and women are only interested in the money or profit they make and don’t care about the services they offer their customers or client. In fact, if your not ready to buy their goods, they move unto to the next available customer. As the screaming headline said, I’ve heard of business people who bury fetish sacrifices in the premises or compound of their businesses. Some even bury live cows and the middle of the night. Surely, Nigerians are being bewitched to purchase these peoples goods and services. Some people also become prayer warriors and blame either people for wishing them bad luck or for unforeseen curses when they ought to do their homework.

It isn’t easy to do a clean and legitimate business in Nigeria. You have to do be very smart and crazy for you to succeed here. Those who have succeeded either soiled the hands of those in government or took care of their competition, so as to be the major player in their fields. Take for instance, Aliko Dangote who made a statement that it was important for him to be the friend of government for him to succeed in his business. Being the enemy of any government would make your business die a premature death in Nigeria. Also the harsh banking policies in Nigeria makes it difficult and hard for Nigerians to get funds for their businesses. They issue an astronomical high interest rate that you would wonder if these banks really wanted to help you. Some issue interests rate as high as 20 to 30%. This ensures that those who get these loans do dirty business so as to meet their debts.

The mentality of Nigerians is a great factor in doing business in Nigeria and those in government also affect the way we do business in Nigeria. If government would really create institutions that would assist Nigerians interested in starting a business of their own, then the better. We live in an era of “grab it all while it lasts” or “the battle of the fittest” so nobody cares. Also, Nigerian business men and women need to attend to their customers and ask them questions to learn what their customers want. The customer is king. What say you on this?

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