I keep wondering what sort of president our current president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) is. Ever since 2010, when he succeeded the late President Musa Yar’adua to be our president, nothing great has happened in Nigeria through his so-called transformation agenda except causing Nigerians great pains and discomfort. Is it the fuel subsidy issue, that his government is hell bent to establish, or is it his inability to manage the Boko Haram insurgency in the north, even though he did well in declaring a state of emergency, when he ought to have done so, last year and included states like kano, plateau, buachi and kaduna. Is it the so-called privatization of the PHCN (electrical company) that seems to take years to achieve. Now we hear of more funds for the power sector, when they have already sold the power sector to it’s investors.

GEJ’s government is the most corrupt and irresponsible government ever to emerge in Nigeria, beating the records of the infamous military dictator General Abacha. This is a man who allows his ministers and aides to do as they please. This is a government were it’s minister’s do not work together with each other. This is a government, it’s ministers think that they are greater than the state governors who picked them in the first place. GEJ to me lacks vision and ambition and the only ambition he has is to contest and win the 2015 presidential elections. Does he have the right to contest? Yes he does. Does he have the moral right to contest? Unfortunately, no!!! He has failed Nigeria and Nigerians. There isn’t anything new that the man is doing or intends to do. He seems to me to be a tyrant. The way he is going about trying to get rid of individuals who oppose his policies and ambitions, is quite unfortunate. The Rivers State Governors scandal, is a thorn in the flesh and if we do not get rid of this unfortunate episode, we will live to regret it.

Will I vote for GEJ if he stands to be re-elected back into office in 2015? Absolutely no!! I will seek for a president who would truelly transform Nigeria not one like GEJ, who uses state funds to try and privatize an institution for some private investors, interested in that particular sector. I also think it’s about time PDP is voted out of power in 2015. We need a new party to rule us but I can’t vouch for the new APC, maybe I could vouch for APGA or KOWA. What say you? Would you vote for GEJ’s PDP or APC?

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