Lucy is an old fashioned girl. She’s always serious with her job. She is a top executive in an aviation company as an administrative officer. She won the best staff award in three years in a row. The sky was not just the limit for her, it was the stepping stone. She wasn’t into a relationship because she had no time for men. Lucy had two special friends, Amaka and Bimpe. Amaka was this young vivacious young woman, who was fashion conscious and who loved dressing good to hook up with hot guys. Bimpe was a down to earth kind of lady, who believed in the saying, “live your life as if today were your last day on earth”. She believed she had nothing to loose, so she could have fun all day. Both are top executives in their respective careers and all three were single, beautiful and lonely.

One fateful day, Amaka and Bimpe persuade Lucy to go out with them to a popular club on the island but Lucy doesn’t accept going. They literally drag Lucy to the club and they become the hottest item at the club that night. All the guys in the club want to chat them up. Lucy can’t come out of her shell because she doesn’t trust guys. Most of her friends have been in and out of relationships. Her sister Ann was not happy in her marriage too. Her husband cheats on her. Her parents were divorced. She is scared as hell to be in a relationship with any man.

Amaka craves and loves this attention. She openly flirts with the guys in the club. Bimpe moves with the crowd and since she has nothing to loose, flirts and seduces the guys. Lucy eventually meets Gerard, a cute and sexy guy who blows her off her feet with his good manners. She falls heads over heels in love at first sight, with Gerard.

For the next three months, Gerard and Lucy become an item for idle talk. They are hardly seen together, except at work. They even have their lunch time together. Their relationship enters it’s fifth month and the story changes. One odd day, Lucy wakes up feeling sick and nauseous. She has a terrible headache and feels like vomiting. She sits up on her bed and places her hands on her head. A nauseous feeling overtakes her body and she places her hands over her mouth and lurches forward in motion. The feeling comes again and she rushes to the toilet and vomits into the toilet bowl and cleans herself up later.  She goes back into her room, lies on her bed and picks up her phone to call her boss and informs him of feeling unwell and requests to have the day off. He hesitantly grants her request and wishes her quick recovery.
Lucy regains her strength shortly and goes to the hospital to see her doctor. He learns about her symptoms and requests she does a pregnancy test. Lucy says that she can not be pregnant and requests that the doctor runs some malaria test. The doctor tells her that what  she has wasn’t malaria symptoms but pregnancy symptoms. She reluctantly agrees to do the test and the test result returns positive. Her world comes crashing down. She can not understand why she should get pregnant right now. She thanks the doctor and heads home.

At home, she paces up and down and tries to recollect how she got into this mess, in the first place. She rushes to her bedroom and goes through her period manual and discovers that she did not enter her period date for that month. She takes her pregnancy kit and goes to the restroom to re-confirm her worst fears. It still reads positive. She gets her phone and calls Gerard and requests that they meet that evening.

Later that evening, she meets Gerard in her car and asks him if he really loves her. He says yes he does. She looks him straight in the eye and repeats the question. He tells her, he would die for her and he would sacrifice everything in this life for her to be happy. They hug and kiss each other. She informs him that she would like to share something very important with him. He looks at her and tells her to go on. She hesitates then she lets the cat out of the bag. She tells him that she was pregnant and that he was responsible. He looks at her and shakes his head as if he did not hear her right. He asks her whether she was sure she was pregnant. She says she was  and describes her ordeal that morning. He withdraws from her and laughs and says that the baby was not his and that even if it was, that he was not ready to father any child yet.

Lucy looks at him in bewilderment. She is shocked beyond words. She asks him what he meant by that. He repeats what he just said. She angrily tells him that he was ready to jump on her and get her pregnant. He says he can not be the only man in her life. She says he is the only man she has ever been to bed with. She reminds him that he was responsible for her loosing her virginity. He gets out of the car and tries to leave. Lucy gets out of the car and rushes at him and begs him not to leave her and says she couldn’t do it alone. He pushes her off and tells her he can not help her and that he is not ready yet to be a father. He then leaves. Lucy cries and begs him not to leave her. She watches in disbelief as he leaves in his car. Shocked to her marrows, she wonders what she could do in the current situation. She gets back into her car and drives off.

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